The small sandy beach of Agathi lies on a picturesque cove, nearby the beach of Haraki and the Medieval castle of Faraklos, 38 km south east of Rhodes City and 10 km north of Lindos village. The golden sands, along with the emerald waters, create a wonderful and attractive picture. Three canteens offer refreshments and snacks on the beach as well as sun beds, umbrellas rentals and showers.

Rhodes Agathi beach  has shimmering golden sand and pristine crystal clear waters.

Fine, wet sand and some canteens – this is the only thing you will find on Agathi. It is a beautiful, sheltered, cosy beach, and the only sign of civilization are its canteens, all of them offering more or less the same food – fried eggs, English breakfast, sandwiches, burgers, salads, French fries and souvlaki.

Camping is possible there, so take your sleeping bag and camp at the cave which is at the end of the beach. An ideal spot to spend the night.

Rhodes Agathi Beach

To get to the beach, follow the signs from Haraki (10 minutes along a passable dirt road). Half way along the road you come upon the mediaeval castle of Feraklos. Al canteens at the beach rent out sun beds umbrellas and have toilets and showers. There is also a card-operated telephone on the beach.

Child friendliness
Agathi beach has soft sand and shallow water, making it ideal for families with children.

Water sports
‘Manolis Water sports’ offers different water sports.

Beach restaurants
Three canteens offer refreshments and light meals like burgers, sandwiches and souvlaki.

Resorts close to Agathi beach
The village of Haraki can be reached by a two minute drive or a fifteen minute walk.

Haraki is a small fishing village with a quiet and relaxed atmosphere. There are a few hotels, some restaurants and a nice beach with sand/pebbles.


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