Agia Eleni Beach, Skiathos Island: Agia Eleni is a small cove that has taken its name from the chapel nearby dedicated to Agia Eleni (Saint Helena). The golden sandy beach is located 14km from Skiathos Town, in the west coast of the island, just 1km from the popular beach of Koukounaries. Only a small part of the beach is organized with few umbrellas and sundecks.

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Skiathos Agia Eleni Beach

This is an ideal location for children due to the shallow waters and the peaceful environment. When the sun is really hot, you can use the trees as a shelter from shade and admire the natural beauty of the place. The access to Agia Eleni is easy. There are many boats that start from the main port or you can get to Koukounaries by bus.

Weather for Skiathos Agia Eleni Beach

[simple-weather latitude=”39.1534094″ longitude=”23.39171650000003″ days=”3″ text_align=”right” display=”block” style=”large-icons”]


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