Agia Marina Crete Chania: One of the most important tourist resorts in Chania. It is a long and sandy beach with plenty of facilities including nice beach bars, small taverns and water-sports. There are also organized campings all along the coastline to the west, till Kissamos Town.

Agia Marina counts on many close bars that stay open all night. There are also other bars in the area, the closest ones being in Chania Town or Platanias. It is located 3 km to the west of Chania and there are many regular buses that connect the two areas. The beach is located 9 km west of Chania Town.

Agia Marina Beach – Crete Holidays

Chania Agia Marina Beach

The seaside village of Agia Marina is located just 9km west of Chania. It is one of the most popular resorts in Chania, with thousands of hotels and all types of touristic infrastructure. The village is named after the local church of Agia Marina.

Chania Agia Marina Beach

The Shore of Agia Marina is fantastic with lovely sandy beaches. The west side, near the port of Platanias is full with small artificial bays, where you can swim. In the east part the beach, there is stunning sandy beach extending to Stalos. Along the shore, you will find all the services offered in a well organized beach.

Chania Agia Marina Beach

1.5km south of the village, there is the cave of Nerospilia, which has amazing stalagmites and stalactites. This has been a place of worship during the Middle Minoan period.

Thodorou Island

Opposite the beach of Agia Marina you’ll see the protected island of Thodorou, which has been declared as National Park. There is the largest colony of endangered Cretan wild goats (kri-kri) in Crete, moved here from the White Mountains (i.e. the area around Samaria Gorge). Approaching the island is strictly prohibited.

Thodorou Island Crete

However, in recent years a limited number of excursions are offered to visitors by boat, but note that special permission is required by the Forest Service. In the small cove of the islet, serving as the harbour or the island, there is a small sandy beach overlooking Agia Marina. This is totally unknown to everybody, due to the restrictions on approaching Thodorou.