Lefkada Agiofili: Agiofili beach is situated 38 km south of Lefkada Town and close to the village of Vassiliki. This is one of the clearest beaches in Lefkada with brilliant crystal waters and white soft sand. It is surrounded by white stone cliffs that create a beautiful setting and a feeling of seclusion. A nice trekking path connects Vassiliki with Agiofili. However, it is suggested to access the beach by a boat from Vassiliki. You will definitely enjoy this short trip.

Lefkada Agiofili Beach
Agiofili beach is a little piece of heaven in the south of Lefkada. Agiofili beach is located a few kilometers away from Vasiliki village.

Agiofili beach is one of clearest and most crystal beach on Lefkada island.

It is located just few kilometers form Vasiliki. It has road, better to say a stone path, to one point and from there you must walk down the red sandy path, to the beach for about 7-10 minutes, there are stairs before the beach, around 50 of them.

Also there is a taxi boat from Vasiliki that goes form the port, where are restaurants and cafes, every hour from 10am until 18pm.

Agiofili beach It is suggested to go with boat, because the road, stone path, is really bad so you will get your car dirty a lot, because it is a road there is no parking place, only along the road and no place where you can easy turn your car.

So better to go by boat and tickets are from 3 euro’s.

There is nothing on the beach only sun-beds and umbrellas for rent. So take food and drinks with you, because when you see the beach you will not want to leave.

Beach is covered by white stones that make everything more beautiful and unique. For us, this beach is amazing, try to visit and enjoy.


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