Agios Iliodoros Beach, Corfu: Agios Iliodoros (or else Linodoros) is a beautiful cape located 17km west of Corfu Town. It lies close to the villages of Liapades and Paleokastritsa. Right below the settlement is the main beach covered with soft sand.

At Paleokastritsa, towering mountains give way reluctantly to the sea, their tree-clad slopes mottled with great cliffs. Here, the landscape has overwhelmed the human element, instead of the other way round, although in high summer the resort itself is very busy. Roads end at Paleokastritsa, giving a real sense of arrival. Long before the British holidaymaker first picnicked at `Paleo’, the western headland was home to a monastery dedicated to the Virgin Mary.

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Corfu Agios Iliodoros Beach

It is surrounded by verdurous hills that lead directly to the edge of the coast. The beach lacks facilities due to its small size, but it provides a rare natural beauty that attracts many visitors. The idyllic surroundings of Agios Iliodoros is a perfect spot for the nature lovers and for those who want to enjoy some peaceful moments with their family and friends.

Corfu Agios Iliodoros Beach

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