Alaties beach, Kefalonia island: Alaties (meaning salty in Greek) is a small sandy beach which lies well-hidden among two white steep rocks, 45 km away from Argostoli, the capital of Kefalonia and only 20 minutes drive from Fiscardo. This tiny yet beautiful cove offers crystalline turquoise waters and a chance a fascinating seabed. Divers should use extra caution due to the sea currents.

Visitors will definitely enjoy a relaxing sunbathing in the soft sand and a refreshing swim and the beautiful waters of Kefalonia. Some metres above the beach is a picturesque tavern offering delicious meals from the local recipes and nice wine. There are no tourist facilities, the beach remains unspoilt and peaceful.

Alaties Beach,Kefalonia island

If you explore the peninsula to the right of the beach you will find several shallow rock pools. In years gone by, salt was collected from these pools after the seawater had evaporated. This explains the name of the beach. In Greek, salt is “Alati”. In very windy weather it is unwise to explore the rock pools. The waves can be very powerful and people have been swept off the rocks! Divers should use extra caution due to the sea currents.


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