Greece Holidays around Chania Alikianos Village in Crete. A small village located only 12 km from Chania Town. Accessible through the lush green valley of river Keritis, on the way to Alikianos visitors will pass from the stone bridge of the river that was constructed in 1908. This spot is a lovely place to relax and feel authentic nature.

Chania Alikianos Village Hotels

The village is built at the most frertile part of Crete where rich orange trees grow and other green plants. Most of the inhabitants of Alikianos deal with agriculture and cattle-breeding. The village consists of modern and traditional stone built houses. In the middle of the square lie several war monuments dedicated to the men who fought for the country.

Chania Alikianos Village

A famous sightseeing in this village is the Tower Da Molin that belonged to a Venetian ruler of the region in the Middle Ages. The myth says that this tower is haunted, because a horrible crime happened there during the wedding party of Da Molin’s daughter and the son of the Cretan revolutionist Georgios Kantaleon. The Venetian ruler did not agree with this wedding, so he threw a sleeping peel into the wine and then hung all the members of the Kantaleon family.


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