Alonissos Island: Discover the Pearl of Sporades and Amazing Beaches

Alonissos Island, Sporades
Alonissos Island, Sporades

Discover Alonissos: A lovely island that belongs to the Sporades island archipelago. Known for its inherent charms and astonishing beaches, Alonissos island is definitely one of the most beautiful islands of the Sporades!

The most exciting and picturesque island place in Alonissos is Chora, the main village on Alonissos. Sitting on the top of a hill overlooking the Aegean Sea, Chora is the perfect place to visit in Alonissos! You’d never guess that Chora had been damaged by an earthquake that occurred in 1965 and caused the inhabitants to move to Patitiri, the port of Alonissos.

The most popular villages of Alonissos are Patitiri, Votsi, Roussoum Gialos and Steni Vala. These places are also ideal for families and couples. As for Alonissos beaches, they have crystal clear waters and are surrounded by lush greenery, boasting a wonderful natural setting!

Alonissos will lure you in with its unpretentious magic. Fascinating and pure, its lush, green landscape and unspoilt beaches with crystal-clear water make it the excellent target for a relaxing holiday in Greece, filled with beautiful views. If you’re looking for a silent holiday, ensconced in nature, you need to look no further. Untouched and authentic, it discreetly lets the wind share its secrets.

Lakes Beach, Alonissos Island
Lakes Beach, Alonissos Island

Where is Alonissos Island

The island of Alonissos has a surface area of 64 square kilometres and a population of 2985 people (2008). So, where is Alonissos island: It is part of the island group of the Sporades that are situated in the north Aegean Sea. The island group consists of Alonissos, Skopelos, Skiathos, Skyros and several other smaller islands. Alonissos has not got particularly high mountains (up to 500 m).

The road network is not very extensive and it is located mainly in the south where the largest port can be found. The northern part is hardly populated and it is quiet. The capital Chora is like more capitals of Greek islands and it is situated on top of the top of a hill. Near the island of Alonissos there are several smaller islands off the coast and these islands are frequented by the monk seal.

How to get to Alonissos Island

Getting to Alonissos island, Greece: Alonissos is a spectacular island with lovely beaches and charming nature. On this post, you may find out in which ways you can get and discover this unmatched place!

Ferries to Alonissos

Ferries depart for Alonissos from Agios Konstantinos port in Volos and from the port of Volos Town. The trip lasts approximately 4 hours. During summer, there are some extra ferry routes to Alonissos from Kymi in Evia. Notice that there are no direct ferry routes from Athens to Alonissos.

In case you are traveling from Athens, you need to reach Volos or Evia by KTEL bus and then you can take the ferry that will transfer you to your destination! You can find out further information about the itineraries of KTEL buses on

Alonissos is also connected by ferry with Skiathos.

Flights near Alonissos

There is no airport on the small island of Alonissos. The closest one is located in Skiathos.

Skiathos International AirportAlexandros Papadiamantis” receives flights from Athens International Airport all year round. The flight time from Athens to Skiathos is about 30 minutes. The airport also receives some seasonal flights from different places around Europe.

Upon your arrival, it is a good idea to take a taxi for your transfer, since the airport is located about 5 km away from the city center of Skiathos. There are always many taxis at the airport’s entrance.

Then, you can take a ferry to Alonissos. The trip from Skiathos to Alonissos lasts two hours.

Map of Alonissos Island

What to do in Alonissos

Splendour of the Sporades

Alonissos is where you’ll sink into deep relaxation and rejuvenate your soul. The southern part of the island is embroidered with beaches, charming bays and green-blue water, with pine trees that reach the water’s edge. In the central and northern parts of Alonissos, you’ll meet the traditional settlement Hora and a network of marked hiking trails and tranquil surroundings. All create an unparalleled combination and you’ll forget the meaning of the word stress.

A stroll through Hora

Walk around the streets in the traditional island town at dusk and search for the sun dipping into the sea. When you find it, you’ll be rewarded with one of the most beautiful sunsets in the Aegean. The old Hora of Alonissos, with its homes lined up like soldiers, looks like a castle contemplating the sea from above.

A hiker’s paradise

You’ll discover the pure, unadulterated and wild Mediterranean beauty of the island step by step. As you walk and hike through dense pine forests, bushes, lush vegetation, herbs of all kinds, cedar and holly, you’ll explore an exciting landscape. Take note: with a little light hiking, you’ll reach one of the most stunning spots on the island, the chapel of Agion Anargyron.

Alonissos: Home of the Mediterranean monk seal.

Precious islets are divided into two zones, creating the grid of a national marine park for the protection of the Mediterranean monk seal. The valuable habitat is one of the last refuges for this rare and highly intelligent mammal that lives in inaccessible caves. For their protection, people and boats are prohibited from approaching most of the islands in this park.

Alonissos: Home of the Mediterranean monk seal.
Alonissos: Home of the Mediterranean monk seal.

Things to see and do in Alonissos Island

Treasures in the deep of the Aegean

Archaeologists excavating in Peristera couldn’t believe their eyes: an ancient shipwreck revealed that the first Greeks built cargo ships with a capacity of over 100 tons. As if that weren’t amazing enough, a total of eight ancient and mediaeval shipwrecks have been found in the area. The treasures that lie on the seabed around Alonissos are priceless!

The threshing festival

Don’t miss the threshing festival of Alonissos, where the island’s women prepare trahana (a soup of cracked wheat and fermented milk) and other homemade food, whilst musicians lift the mood with traditional songs of the island. It will be a pleasant surprise during your holiday in Alonissos.

The islet of Pelagonisi

Kyra-Panagia, or Pelagonisi, is the largest uninhabited island of the Northern Sporades. Despite being uninhabited today, archaeological findings show that it was inhabited very early (6,000 B.C.) and it’s probable that this was ancient Alonissos. The monastery of Kyra Panagia can be found on the southeast of the island, and an old olive oil press and windmill are the only other buildings that remain. Perfect for anyone seeking the solitude and magic of a unique swimming experience.

Villages of Alonissos

Alonissos is an island of unmatched natural charms and is first known for its beaches with the crystal clear waters and the Marine Park. Apart from the capital, Patitiri, there are several villages like Rousoum Gialos, Votsi, Milia, Chrisi Milia, Steni Vala on the east coast, and Gerakas on the north coast that surely deserve a visit.

  • Chora
  • Steni Vala
  • Patitiri
  • Votsi

Beaches of Alonissos Island

Alonissos is an astonishing island famous for its clean water and green nature. Surrounded by pine trees, beaches in Alonissos offer a picturesque environment to relax. Votsi, Chrissi Milia, Glyfa and Rousoum Gialos are the most famous Alonissos beaches. You will find below a list with the best beaches in Alonissos island.

List of All Beaches of Alonissos Island

Where to Stay in Alonissos Island

The most hotels in Alonissos are located in Patitiri, the port of the island, and the seaside villages around Patitiri, such as Roussoum Gialos and Votsi. These places give direct access to small beaches and few tourist facilities, like mini-markets and taverns.

Hotels in Patitiri, Alonissos

Hotels in Rousoum Gialos, Alonissos

Hotels in Votsi, Alonissos

Hotels in Milia, Alonissos

Hotels in Steni Vala, Alonissos