The region of Ammoudi (Amoudi) consists of a small, lovely harbor that is probably the most unique location of the Santorini island. It lies on the northwest coast of Santorini, about 13 kilometers from Fira, at the bottom of the idyllic Oia village. The whole settlement is breathtaking for its architecture, natural beauty and the view it lavishly offers. To reach Ammoudi you can follow the downhill road that leads there or, alternatively, you have to descend around 200 steps on foot or by riding a donkey, which is typical in Santorini.

Port Amoudi of Oia or Ia, Santorini, Greece
Port Amoudi of Oia or Ia, Santorini, Greece

The bay of Ammoudi (Amoudi) extends under the impressive caldera cliffs. Besides the harbor with the fishing boats, there is a waterfront with traditional fish taverns where you can try fresh fish and local recipes and have a wonderful time in this unparalleled setting. But just a promenade in this path is enough to captivate you and give you unique moments and images. Most people visit Ammoudi in order to swim in the crystalline waters or even try daring dives from the rocks. There is no beach or facilities here, just the crystal-clear waters and a stupendous view of the Oia settlement standing on the top of the reddish cliffs, unfolding in front of you as you swim. At the end of the path lies a fantastic diving place. The area of Ammoudi also has a diving center.

Ammoudi (Amoudi) is highly recommended for it is a miraculous scenery and offers an alternative swimming experience, nothing like the cosmopolitan beach resorts. If you wish to stay here there is a bunch of residence options in Oia village that will surely satisfy you.

Distances and Driving Directions to Ammoudi:

  • Santorini Airport (18 km / 34 min)
  • Port (21 km / 40 min)
  • capital (13 km / 26 min)
  • Perissa beach (25 km / 44 min)
  • Red Beach (24 km / 11 min)

Map of Ammoudi village


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