Lefkada Amousa Beach (Also know as Amouso, Ammoussa): The road from Chora to the beautiful beach of Amousa is long but pleasant in Lefkada island. The distance of 40 km from Lefkada Town will become a delightful journey amidst green surroundings and sea views. The last km of the drive is track road. After a 30 minute drive you will finally reach a small bay bordered with rocks. There, you will see the clearest waters and enjoy a refreshing swim.

Amousa Beach – Holidays in Lefkada

Sunbathing can be a little uncomfortable on the large smooth white pebbles but the natural beauty and charming atmosphere are enough to make you relax. This superb beach is popular with families.

Weather for Lefkada Amousa Beach

[simple-weather latitude=”38.602536″ longitude=”20.626303300000018″ days=”3″ text_align=”right” display=”block” style=”large-icons”]


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