Greece Holidays around Chania Anopolis Village. Small mountainous village lying at a high altitude of 600 metres above the sea. It is located 84 km south of Chania Town in Crete and counts on many inhabitants most of whom are engaged in agriculture and cattle breeding.

Chania Anopolis Village Hotels

The small mountainous village consists of a beautiful landscape with lush greenery and the impressuve gorge of Aradena in close distance which is the only bungee jumping site in Greece and the deepest gorge in the Balkans.

In the ancient times, Anopolis flourished as an independent town and actually cut its own coins. During the Turkish occupation, the inhabitants rebelled many times asking for the freedom of Crete, but revolutions were suspended and the town was burnt down. A famous Cretan revolutionist from Anopolis was Daskalogiannis, whose bust is seen in the square of Anopolis.

The road that continues to the west from the seaside village of Chora Sfakion and ascends the steep mountainside, will bring you to the village at 600m height above sea level, and then you will reach the square, an ideal place for a stopover.

There, you will see the statue of Ioannis Daskalogiannis (John Daskalogiannis) who was the leader of the revolution in 1770 against the Turks conquerors of the island. His real name was Ioannis Vlachos, but because of he was the leader of the uprising, the teacher of the Sfakians, so he was given the nickname Daskalogiannis (Daskalos Giannis) which means “Techer John”, or better… “John – the teacher.”

The anniversary of the revolution is celebrated in a traditional way, every year the first Sunday after June 17th, in the square of Anopolis.

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