Apiranthos on Naxos is a picturesque mountain village with a beautiful name meaning plenty of flowers. Apiranthos is located 32 km from the Naxos town, between two green valleys, at an altitude of 650 metres. Apiranthos is one of the most beautiful and charming villages of Naxos, full of wonderful houses made with fine marble.

Visit Apiranthos Village on Naxos in summer holidays in Greek islands

Apiranthos is a large village and sits precariously on a hilltop. Journey to the top of the town to park, and this is also where buses stop. From there, there is a largish street, beyond the impressive Church of Panagia Apeirathitissa which is one of the oldest churches of the island and houses some fine and valuable icons. All the museums are situated there. Apiranthos has three interesting museums which are the Archaeological Museum of Apiranthos, a Museum of Folk Art and an interesting Geological Museum.

There are a number of cafes and taverns there. A magnificent view is offered, overlooking the town into the valley. The architecture in this town is very interesting with the Venetian influence clear. One can see houses with coats of arms above their doors and there are also some ornate balconies on view. There is a windmill in ruins situated above the village. There is also a dilapidated Venetian tower. As you walk around the streets you will notice the marble under your feet and look out for the church of Panagia Aperathitissa which is one of the oldest on the island.

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