Kefalonia holidays in Greece at Argostoli (Argostolion) village: Argostoli is the capital of Kefalonia with a population of 14,000 inhabitants. Argostoli stands on the far end of the natural bay surrounded by mountains and verdant forests. Beautiful Venetian buildings used to adorn the town before they were destroyed along with the entire Argostoli and other villages of the island from the major earthquake of 1953.

The capital city of Argostoli is a modern town laid out in a grid-pattern and easy to figure out. With a year round population of over 10,000 people, there are shops, restaurants, cafes and an active harbor with fishing boats and the main tourist attraction, the caretta-caretta turtles who feed at the nearby Koutavos Lagoon as well as from the fishermen who toss unwanted catch into the sea. The best time to see them is in the morning when the boats come in. If you see a crowd on the dock, chances are good that they are watching the turtles.

Kefalonia Argostoli Village

The waterfront is a long promenade along Ioannou Metaxou Street, very nice for an evening walk, or a walk to the small pine shaded beaches to the north of town. At the lower end of the harbor is the Drapano Bridge which separates the lagoon from the harbor. Originally built out of wood by the British, it was later rebuilt out of stone and until recently was open to automobiles, but is now a pedestrian bridge. The lagoon is now a bird sanctuary and there are walkways and signs which show the different kinds of birds.

Drapano Bridge, Argostoli, Kefalonia

There are several popular restaurants including the Kiani Akti, a mezedopoulion by name but really a very nice seafood restaurant that happens to have a lot of mezedes to go along with their many seafood and pasta dishes. The restaurant is in a setting that would be pretty hard to beat, on a wooden dock on the bay in the north part of town. I would say that if you have one meal to eat in Argostoli then this is where to have it. Order any of their salads, their excellent Kefalonian meat pie and if they have it, their pasta with three different types of clams. Another restaurant, (which we were actually planning to eat at before we came across Kiani Akti) that we were told by friends to go to, is Ampelaki, also on the waterfront at 26 Metaxa Street and a regular winner of Tripadvisor Certificates of Excellence.

The town has been rebuilt since then, with the help of the Greek government yet no efforts have been made to maintain the traditional architecture and the local colour. A stone bridge of 650 metres long called the Drapano Bridge stands at the entrance of the capital. At the center is a small pyramid dedicated from Charles de Bosset, who built the bridge, to the British Empire.

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The modern and cosmopolitan town of Argostoli is quite busy during the summer season offering a plethora of interesting features and activities. The beautifully paved coastal road promenade is boarded by palm trees and colorful pebbles from the sea. The road ends at the small ferry quay where boats connect to the town of Lixouri every half an hour and fishing boats moor.

The central square of the town called Plateia Valianou (Vallianos Square) is a large and pleasant square lined by many restaurants, cafes and bars. During the evenings, the square gets really crowded with locals who are really warm and friendly. In Argostoli, one can notice the traditional way of life.

The pedestrian Lithostroto Street (Cobbled Street) is the main street of the capital filled with all kinds of shops. There one can admire the beautiful church of Saint Spyridon and the interesting clock tower of Campana Square. Around its outskirts are a range of restaurants that cover all tastes and budgets. Right above the square is one of the town’s nicest sights, the lush Botanical Garden.

In Argostoli, one shall visit the Archaeological Museum of Kefalonia which houses interesting archaeological findings from the Mycenaean, Hellenistic and the Roman period. The rich collection contains coins, swords, sculptures and ceramics.

Another worth-visiting museum is the Korgialenios History and the Folklore Museum which is housed in the ground floor of the Korgialenian Library, a 19th century restored Kefalonian house. The museum exposes an interesting collection of photographs from the history of Kefalonia.

The library of Argostoli hosts 50,000 books and old manuscripts, among which are very rare. Nearby the library is the beautiful theatre of Kefalos, one of the best theaters of Greece. The Lighthouse of Saint Theodore is located a couple of km from Argostoli and was built by the British Governor Napier. A small round building with white Doric columns locally known as Fanari. This beautiful lighthouse it is one of the trademarks of Kefalonia.

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