Aselinos beach, Skiathos island: On the northern side of the island is the bay of Aselinos, located 13km west of Skiathos Town. It is a long beach with thick sand and small pebbles. It is often used as a short stop for daily excursions due to great natural environment. The beach is surrounded by Kounistra Mountain, a site with vast greenery reaching the edge of the shore.

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Aselinos is a lovely spot due to the exotic scenery, ideal for romantic walks. There is a small yet charming tavern offering a great view to the sea that will guarantee you an unforgettable night. For those who like primitive and simple vacation, there is a camping area near Aselinos.

Skiathos Aselinos Beach

Weather for Skiathos Aselinos Beach

[simple-weather latitude=”39.17286790000001″ longitude=”23.42258430000004″ days=”3″ text_align=”right” display=”block” style=”large-icons”]


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