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10 Best Restaurants in Mykonos Town


If you decide to visit Mykonos, you shouldn't put off discovering the best restaurants. Here are the ones we recommend.

In this post you will discover best restaurants in or near Mykonos town. There are many reasons to go to Mykonos, the color of the water alone, the music, and the stunning villas but, undoubtedly, the food scene will convince you. If you intend to eat light and vegetarian, you’ll find no better place, and then again, if you’re more into feta cheese and baklava, you’ll be just fine, too.

I spent seven days in Mykonos in early July, and these were my favorite restaurants:

The finest dining experiences in Mykonos usually take advantage of the rich bounty of seafood found in the Mediterranean. However, you might be surprised to learn that many of the most traditional Greek recipes popular with locals are actually meat-based.

What to eat in Mykonos

  1. Kopanisti (Greek Roquefort)
  2. Kremidopita (Onion pie)
  3. Lazarakia (Handmade biscuits)
  4. Amygdalota (Traditional sweet)
  5. Mostra (A kind of Greek mezze)
  6. Mykonos Sausages
  7. Rafiolia (Sweets with orange)
  8. Melopita (Honey Pie)
  9. Louza (Myconian prosciutto)
  10. Tiganites gries (Fried pancakes)

What to drink in Mykonos

  1. Metaxa
  2. Ouzo
  3. Tsipouro
  4. Soumada
  5. Wine
  6. Cocktails

10 Best Restaurants in Mykonos Town

M-eating – $$$$

best restaurants mykonos town

For us best restaurants in Mykonos Town is M-eating, the restaurant has received very positive reviews since its opening and it has stood out in a very short period of time offering fine dining in a wonderful setting and at affordable prices. Headed up by the owner and chef Mr. Panagiotis Menardos who is inspired by the Mediterranean cuisine and the local traditional flavors, the restaurant offers a selection of dishes that please all taste buds.

The chef suggests the following main dishes that will awaken your senses:

  • Croaker fish fillet in bouillabaisse sauce with stamnagathi and a small salad of seaweed.
  • Caramelised pancetta and pork neck (of Duroc variety) duet, accompanied by onion ragout and aubergine mousse.

The lovely environment along with the high quality of the service provided and the ingredients used will satisfy even the most demanding customers.

Funky Kitchen – $$ – $$$


This is the second among the best restaurants in Mykonos Town is Funky Kitchen. Just around the corner from DC, Funky Kitchen has opened its doors and begun welcoming customers. The restaurant subscribes to the “slow food” philosophy in preparing its Mediterranean dishes from high-quality, locally-sourced products. Everything the restaurant serves is made in-house, from its bread and dips to its marmelade and sauces as well as its sweets, chocolate chili and cardamom ice cream. Funky Kitchen also boasts an extensive wine list and cocktail menu.

Funky Kitchen is situated at 40 Ignatiou Basoula street, next door to Marco Polo Taverna.

D’Angelo Mykonos – $$ – $$$


We loved this place! The menu was extensive, each dish was incredible and the service was friendly, attentive and gave great advice. This restaurant is not on the water, but it is within a few steps away from all the crowds and higher prices to come up from the windmills (literally 100+ steps from them!!) and enjoy great authentic Italian – or greek – dishes.

They have great wine list as well, which the servers are all familiar with and can offer great suggestions to go with your meal. The food is fresh and so good, we ate here several times on our trip. We also met the owner, Angelo, who couldn’t have been nicer.

Scorpios – $$$$

Scorpios is one of the only places to succeed in being both a terrific restaurant, and a really fun party. On a charming stretch of Paraga Beach, Scorpios is a sprawling compound. There’s an indoor area that’s light and spacious, with comfortable couches and a well-designed bar. If you come early in the day (read: before noon), you might see people working on their laptops sipping a green juice. Outside there is one large bar, a deck, a beach with over 40 lounge “beds,” and finally, a restaurant.

Despite its massive size, Scorpios boasts impeccable, friendly service and an intimate vibe. Graze on tzatziki, hummus, and spicy pita chips while waiting for a table. They’ll be the best pita chips of your life. You’ll find a vegetable driven menu once seated, with Mykonian salads (tomatoes, capers, cucumbers and feta cheese), whole roasted fish with your choice of sauce, and so many others. (I loved the quinoa with raisins and the zucchini with fresh mint). Their cocktail list is particularly impressive and long, with innovative and not-overly-sweet takes on your spirit of choice.

Go for a late lunch or sunset dinner.

Kalita – $$$$

Restaurant KALITA located in the centre of chora of Mykonos, creates for sixth continuous year a unique world of flavors highlighting the infinite possibilities of Greek cuisine.

Classic Greek flavors enriched with a modern touch under the supervision of our Chef, Vaios Ntoytsias through Kalita’s renewed menu, solves successfully the riddle of…” unsatisfied”.

An equally exceptional list of wines, offers a big variety of qualitative labels, accompanying each dish. Balance is achieved with the presence of splendid perfumes and flavors as the Greek land spreads generously its charisma to Greek wine.

Buddha Bar Beach – $$$$

Undoubtedly one of the hot spots on the island of Mykonos, guests of Buddha Bar Beach can look forward to a distinctive experience that combines the signature atmosphere of the renowned restaurant with the unparalleled views of the Aegean Sea.

A choice of exceptional Mediterranean & Greek fusion cuisine, together with Buddha Bar specialties will be offered for lunch and daytime hours. When the sun sets with backdrop the majestic blues, Buddha Bar dishes take the lead with utterly delightful tastes and unsurpassed quality to offer an extraordinary experience together with worldly known DJ and exceptional cocktails from established Buddha Bar mixologist.

Andreas & Maria – $$

A very good taverna serving classic dishes, well cooked and presented. We called in for supper after another day on the beach in late September. The menu is fairly typical of Mykonian restaurants. They do local dishes well, no fuss, good ingredients. We shared a bruschetta, then opted for a grilled chicken breast and lamb chops with salad and fries. Great value at €33 with two large glasses of wine and a coffee!

This restaurant was convenient to where we were staying. To our disappointment, just having arrived in Greece, there was only a limited choice of traditional Greek dishes. That said, the Zucchini dish was quite nice, the Greek salad was fine and quite large and the pork chop was very good – large, a nice cut and perfectly cooked. There was not much else of interest to us. The house white wine was also quite pleasant. The major doubt we had was that it seemed that there was a good chance that there was a deliberate attempt to short change us out of 10 Euros after paying the bill.

Kastro’s – $$ – $$$

This is my one of the favourite Greek restaurant and my second visit. It’s a real treat as it’s right by the sea so you must get a seat by the window or eat outside to actually feel you are in little Venice . The customer service is brilliant and the fish is always lovely!! The atmosphere is so quaint and I will always go back there whenever I will visit Mykonos again.

Wonderful chefs and brilliant cuisine. We went straight for a sirloin steak.. cooked as we wanted it with all the trimmings… Oh boy was this good!.. enough said here just book a table and visit it!… Bravo to the staff and chefs. thankyou for making us very welcome.

Karavaki Restaurant – $$ – $$$

One of the best restaurants in Mykonos Town is Karavaki. Nice views…very tasty dishes! Try the grilled octopus, the fava and the grouper fillet. Thank you Mira and Vangelis for your professional service!

The staff at the Karavaki Restaurant (which is at the Vencia boutique hotel) were warm and welcoming even though I wasn’t staying at the hotel. The view over the whole town made for an enjoyable leisurely lunch, which in this case was a very nice shrimps saganaki. It was well worth the walk up the hill.

Captain’s – $$ – $$$

We ate here 3 times during our trip. One of the best restaurants in Mykonos Town is Captains. The menu has good variety, including excellent meze. It’s really nice food and the service is fantastic – relaxed, friendly and helpful. As well as evening meals, it’s a good place to have breakfast. It’s a great spot for people watching too. We also ate at a couple of the other waterfront restaurants, but this was by far the best.

Although in this low season a lot of restaurants closed, Captain’s is always so full! I guess the super delicious food and very friendly staff explain everything. A lot of Greek locals eat there as well. I had one of the best grilled prawns ever since I have landed in Greece for vacation.

Pepper – $

Pepper Mykonos. We stopped here for a quick bite after our trip to Delos. We had the burger, pork souvlaki, and fries. Was surprised some reviewer mentioned that the fries was soggy; it was great when we had it. It was a crispy on the outside, and juicy in the inside; perfectly fried & seasoned with local herbs. The owner (a couple) was very friendly and attentive. Definitely will stop by at pepper again when im in Mykonos.

Amazing places to eat cheapest and really good food! People who attend here is really carismatic and nice… you will feel like at home ! The salads bring pita bread incluided! For sure i will come back in my next time in mykonos!

To Maereio – $$ – $$$

This place definitely impressed us. We came in the off season and there was still a bit of a wait but they were very kind providing us with menus and getting us our wine so we could drink it on the stoop while we waited. The food was definitely worth the wait! The server was excellent and provided us with recommendations which we loved! The meat balls sound boring just meatballs but they really were delicious! The baked feta was also amazing! We were also pleasantly surprised when we returned later in the evening just to buy water bottles because the near by stores were closed and they gave us two big bottles free of charge! Just very good service and very good food.

Just the best in Mykonos. Well worth the 30 minute wait for our table. Great friendly service all home cooked food and a cozy atmosphere.

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