Outside the window of the luxurious conference room you see well-tended gardens and the sea. When the meeting is over you take a break for a refreshing dip and then relax on a lounge-chair with a glass of freshly-squeezed orange juice. At the end of the working day, you and your colleagues head out to explore the town.

Fancy restaurants, stylish bars and dance clubs await. The next day the programme includes a tour of the local archaeological sites as well as free time to mix networking with exercise on the tennis court or a round of golf. It’s not so much mixing business with pleasure. It’s a full on business holiday.

Business travel in Greece: Hospitality and Expertise

On your business trip to Greece, nature’s beauty and Greek hospitality complement each other. The sun shines 330 days a year and the level of services provided is excellent. Luxury accommodations and a large range of entertainment options in combination with a safe environment, exceptional facilities, the latest communication technologies for any kind of event, sound organisation and secretarial support produce a highly attractive business destination.

Greece certainly has the experience necessary to back these claims, having hosted European Summit meetings, major international festivals and conferences as well as the 2004 Olympic Games with notable success.

Business travel in Athens

The facilities in greater Athens can satisfy the most demanding and particular business requirements. The Athens Concert Hall, the Zappeion Conference and Exhibition Centre and the city’s major international hotels in town or along the coast, the former Olympic venues for Badminton and Tae Kwon Do and the Technopolis in Gazi offer a plethora of choices for your conference needs.

Combine your event with tours of the capital’s museums and sightseeing in the city’s historic district, fine dining at internationally known restaurants, drinks along the waterfront, yachting and short escapes to the nearby islands to make it truly memorable and successful.

Business travel in Thessaloniki

Thessaloniki, the business hub of the Balkans, also offers excellent infrastructure and facilities. The city hosts several major exhibitions and conferences every year including the International Film Festival and the Thessaloniki International Exhibition. Your off-duty needs will also be well-covered with good food and entertainment options, excellent museums, popular pedestrian ways and brand-name shopping. Spectacular archaeological sites are easily accessible at Philippi, Pella, ancient Dion and Vergina.

Business travel in the rest of Greece

In every corner of Greece you’ll find major hotels in fantastic seaside locations with great sightseeing potential, ideal for conferences, sales meetings, staff retreats and seminars at any time of year: Western Messinia, Rhodes, Crete, Santorini, Halkidiki, Ancient Olympia and Corfu, to name just a few that are within easy reach of international airports and major highways insuring easy access from anywhere in the world.


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