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Where to Eat And Drink in Santorini

As this is the top tourist destination in Greece, there are lots of places to eat and drink in Santorini. Restaurants, cafe,...
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Amorgos Island: 5 Reasons to Visit Next Summer

Find out everything about your holidays in Amorgos on our travel guide! Located near Naxos and Ios, on the southern side of...

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North Eastern Aegean Islands

The North Eastern Aegean islands are located north of the Dodecanese and east of the Sporades. The majority of those Greek islands...

Saronic Islands

Argo Saronic islands are an ideal option for Greece holidays. A popular destination among Athenians looking for a weekend escape, the islands...

Patras: Best Holiday Destination Located in North-West of the Peloponnese

Yassas (hello) to Patras, a bustling univercity city, a place where entertainment, history and culture mingle together to create a destination filled...

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