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Leros Island

Leros is located between Patmos and Kalymnos, a small island of Dodecanese. In fact, holidays in Leros can be easily combined with...


Where is Thassos Island?

Thassos or Thasos, Tasos (Greek: Θάσος, Thásos) is a Greek island. So where is Thassos? Geographically part of the North Aegean Sea,...

Thassos Island

An island with crystal beaches and lush greenery, Thassos holidays in Greece is the northernmost island of the Aegean Sea, very close...

Thassos Marble Beach

Marble beach, also known as Saliara is the best destination in Thassos for the first time. Arriving in beautiful Thassos there are...

Must Read

Greece is a country for all seasons

Greece holidays in all seasons: Spring, summer, autumn, winter: Holidays all year round in the most beautiful country of the Mediterranean.

North Eastern Aegean Islands

The North Eastern Aegean islands are located north of the Dodecanese and east of the Sporades. The majority of those Greek islands...

Saronic Islands

Argo Saronic islands are an ideal option for Greece holidays. A popular destination among Athenians looking for a weekend escape, the islands...

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