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What You Need Before Going Holiday: 100 Things You Should Know

You all remember the movie Home Alone. Kevin's mother forgotten her eight-year-old son while she was on vacation. Thats bad! While you are enjoying the...
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Greek Breakfast: What is a typical breakfast in Greece?

In the villages of Greece, Greek breakfast used to consist of large quantities of animal fats that provided energy for the day’s labours. Greek...

Best Restaurants in Mykonos – Where to Eat

Mykonos island has many restaurants in every villages with a view. You can discover where to eat in Mykonos’ best restaurants, with our guide...

10 Best Restaurants in Mykonos Town

In this post you will discover best restaurants in or near Mykonos town. There are many reasons to go to Mykonos, the color of...

Traditional Greek Foods

One of the reasons to travel to Greece is delicious traditional Greek foods. If you have weaknesses in food, you can't stand seeing good...

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