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The Greek islands are traditionally grouped into the following clusters: The Argo-Saronic Islands in the Saronic gulf near Athens, the Cyclades, a large but dense collection occupying the central part of the Aegean Sea, the North Aegean islands, a loose grouping off the west coast of Turkey, the Dodecanese, another loose collection in the southeast between Crete and Turkey, the Sporades, a small tight group off the coast of Euboea, and the Ionian Islands, located to the west of the mainland in the Ionian Sea (one of these islands, Kythira, is off the southern tip of the Peloponnese Peninsula and part of the Attica region, but still considered part of the Ionian Islands, mainly because of historical reasons). There are also many islands, islets and rocks that surround the coast of Crete.

Agistri Island, Greece

Agistri Island

Agistri is a tiny island of the Saronic Gulf, located only a short ferry ride from Athens. Due to its close distance to the capital...
Greek Islands: Santorini Fira

Top 5 Most Famous Greek Islands in the World

Why are they famous and popular? Because of hospitable Greek people and nature of islands, with estimates from somewhere around 6,000 islands and islets scattered...
Aegina Island, Greece

Aegina Island

The Aegina Island is one of the most popular and beautiful tourist place as it is the closest island to Athens (only 16.5 nautical miles...
Amazing Greek island, Skiathos

Thessaly – Sporades

Sporades islands are geographically located between the Greek mainland and the greek islands of North Eastern Aegean, almost in the center of the Aegean Sea....
Hydra, Saronic island, Greece

Hydra Island

Hydra, one of the most charming Greek islands, is placed in the heart of the Argo Saronic Gulf. One of the main reasons why Hydra...
Skopelos Town, Sporades

Skopelos Island

Skopelos is an amazing island situated between Skiathos and Alonissos. Its picturesque setting and its untouched charm make Skopelos a best holiday destination, particularly for...
Skiathos Island, Greece

Skiathos Island

In Sporades group, the Skiathos island is the most popular one. It is renowned for its sandy beaches, the natural beauty and the vibrant nightlife,...
Alonissos Island, Sporades

Alonissos Island

Discover Alonissos: A lovely island that belongs to the Sporades island archipelago. Known for its inherent charms and astonishing beaches, Alonissos island is definitely one...
Chania, Crete Island, Greece


Chania town in Crete Island: From the old town, to exotic Balos beach and the famous Samaria Gorge, Chania will treat you to raki and...
Heraklion Port, Crete


Heraklion town in Crete: A buzzing seaside city bridging the gap between yesterday and today, the capital of Crete has a plethora of holiday experiences...


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