Apollonas Village, Naxos island

Naxos Apollonas Village

Apollonas village, Naxos: The lovely fishing village of Apollonas (Apollon) is located in the northern side of the island, 35 km from the island's capital. It has...
Koronos Village, Naxos island

Naxos Koronos Village

Koronos, Naxos island: The traditional mountain village of Koronos is located at 36 km away from the Naxos Town, at an altitude of 540 metres, in a...
Potamia Village, Naxos island

Naxos Potamia Village

Potamia, Naxos island: Located 9 kilometres from Naxos Town, the lovely village of Potamia is perched on a hillside and surrounded by wonderful green nature. With a...
Naxos Filoti Village

Naxos Filoti Village

Filoti village, Naxos island: The Tragea region is famous for its olive groves and little Byzantine churches and they are very much in evidence in the village...
Halki Village, Naxos island

Naxos Halki Village

Halki (Chalkio or Chalki) Naxos: The village of Halki is located in the central area of the region of Tragea which is the biggest olive cultivation area of...
Apiranthos Village on Naxos

Naxos Apiranthos Village

Apiranthos on Naxos is a picturesque mountain village with a beautiful name meaning plenty of flowers. Apiranthos is located 32 km from the Naxos town, between two...
Chora Naxos

Naxos Town

Chora Naxos or Naxos Town: Chora is the capital and main harbour of the island of Naxos Greece. Your Greece holidays, it is considered to be one...
AntiParos Tom Hanks Greek island

AntiParos – Tom Hanks’ Favorite Greek island

The 5 best reasons to spend a day – or week – on Antiparos which is best for Tom Hanks, Paros’ little sister for Greece holidays. Antiparos, a...
Antiparos Island Beach

Top 10 Best Places in Antiparos Island

Sparkling with natural beauty and distinctive Cycladic colour, Antiparos island combines diverse elements that justify its fame as the secret holiday paradise of the Aegean. Greece Holidays in Antiparos...
Cyclades Islands

20 Most Popular Cyclades Islands

The Cyclades, south of Greece, are considered some of the most beautiful islands in the world. Mountains, white cubistic villages and black and golden sand beaches combine...
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