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The villages of Kos island stand out for their different style: there can be found developed tourist villages along the coastline and secluded traditional places in the inland. Kos Town is the capital of the island and its architecture has been influenced by all civilizations that conquered Kos.

Antimachia Village, Kos

Kos Antimachia Village

Antimachia is a traditional village which lies on a plateau 23 km south of Kos town near the airport. The village distinguishes for its picturesque neighbourhoods, the...
Kos Town, Kos Island

Kos Town

Greece holidays in Kos island: Sits bang in the middle of the Dodecanese chain of Greek islands that hug the Turkish coastline between Rhodes. to the south,...
Kardamena Village, Kos island

Kos Kardamena (Kardamaina) Village

Kardamena (Kardamaina) Village, Kos island: Kardamena is one of the most popular tourist resorts in Kos lying 30 km south west of the Kos Town and only...
Kos Pyli Village, Greece

Kos Pyli Village

Pyli Village Kos island: Pyli is one of the oldest traditional villages of Kos located 15 km west of the capital and 4 km south of Marmari....
Asomatos Village, Kos island

Kos Asomatos Village

Asomatos Village, Kos island: Asomatos is a picturesque village lying on the slopes of Dikeos Mountain. It is located 14 km from the centre of Kos and...
Kefalos Village, Kos

Kos Kefalos Village

Kefalos is a beautiful town in Kos lying on the slopes of a hill, 40 km south west of the main town. It was the first capital...
Kos Zia Village

Kos Zia Village

Zia is a small village located 16 km southeast of Kos town. Close to Asfendiou village on the slopes of Dikaion mountain, the village is renowned on...
Mastichari Village, Kos island

Kos Mastichari Village

Mastichari Village in Kos island is a beautiful settlement located 27 km west of Kos town and 3 km north of Antimachia. It is the second largest...


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