A small island of Dodecanese, Nisyros is not developed in tourism and remains a peaceful, alternative destination. With few tourist facilities, this is the ideal place for total calmness and privacy. Nisyros island is mostly famous for its still active volcano that is found in the center of the island, the youngest volcano in Greece. Mandraki and Nikia are the most picturesque villages in Nisyros Greece, with traditional architecture and great views. The beaches are clean and due to the limited visitors they have a relaxing atmosphere. The island can be visited for holidays or as a day trip from Kos. Also holidays in Nisyos can be easily combined with other islands of Dodecanese, as there is daily ferry transportation in summer.

Nisyros Nikia Village

Nisyros Nikia Village

Nikia Village Nisyros island: The village of Nikia lies 14 km south of Nisyros, about 400m above sea level in the rim of the crater of a...
Emporios Village, Nisyros island

Nisyros Emporios Village

Emporios Village, Nisyros island: Emporios is a picturesque mountainous village located 8 km east of Mandraki, the capital of Nisyros. Untouched by tourism, the village has managed...
Mandraki Village, Nisyros Island

Nisyros Mandraki Village

Mandraki Village Nisyros: Madraki is the capital and the main port of Nisyros. As one of the biggest settlements of the island, Mandraki offers many facilities to...
Nisyros Island Greece

Nisyros Island

Nisyros is a 41 km2 large greek island in the Dodecanese group and is situated between the islands of Kos and Tilos, north of the...


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