Eglina Beach, Kefalonia island

Kefalonia Eglina Beach

Eglina beach, Kefalonia: On the southwestern coast of Kefalonia lies the sandy beach of Eglina that stretches for 100 metres. It is ideally located 6 km south...
Alaties Beach,Kefalonia island

Kefalonia Alaties Beach

Alaties beach, Kefalonia island: Alaties (meaning salty in Greek) is a small sandy beach which lies well-hidden among two white steep rocks, 45 km away from Argostoli,...
Agios Thomas Beach, Kefalonia island

Kefalonia Agios Thomas Beach

Agios Thomas, Kefalonia island: Agios Thomas consists of two sandy beaches which are the closest to the village of Karavados and 15 km from Argostoli, the capital...
Kefalonia Agios Nikolaos (Vatsa) Beach

Kefalonia Agios Nikolaos (Vatsa) Beach

Agios Nikolaos (Vatsa) beach, Kefalonia island: Agios Nikolaos is a marvelous village that lies on a lush green valley, one of the prettiest spots in Kefalonia. It...
Platia Ammos Beach, Kefalonia

Kefalonia Platia Ammos Beach

Platia Ammos Kefalonia: Platia Ammos is a secluded beach located 30 km west of Argostoli, the main town of Kefalonia. This beach amazes every visitor with its...
Kefalonia Minies Beach

Kefalonia Minies Beach

Minies (or Minia) Kefalonia: Minies beach consists of three sandy beaches with few pebbles, found 7 km south of Argostoli, the capital of Kefalonia. The first beach...
Avithos Beach, Kefalonia

Kefalonia Avithos Beach

Avithos beach in Kefalonia: A quite beautiful beach with crystalline waters located 12km southwest of Argostoli, the capital of Kefalonia and very close to the village of...
How to get to Kefalonia

How to get to Kefalonia From Europe to Islands

Reach to Kefalonia, Greece: Visitors can get to Kefalonia by ferry or plane. Here are information of how to go Kefalonia from Europe by the...
Kefalonia Ammes Beach

Ammes Beach (Svoronata) in Kefalonia

The best beach of Ammes in Kefalonia island is found in the beautiful village of Svoronata, close to the airport, and located 9 km from Argostoli. It...
Kefalonia Emblisi Fiskardo Beach

Kefalonia Emblisi Fiskardo Beach

Kefalonia holidays in Greece at Emblisi Fiskardo Beach (Emplisi Beach): Far away from Argostoli lies Emblisi, one of the most beautiful beaches of Kefalonia. Very close to...


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