Thessaloniki Hagia Sophia Cathedral

Thessaloniki Hagia Sophia Cathedral

The Hagia Sophia (also spelled Agia Sophia or Ayia Sofia) is the largest and most famous Byzantine church in Thessaloniki, Greece. The Paleo - Christian temple of Agia...
Galerius Arch

Thessaloniki Galerius Arch

The Arch of Galerius (or Kamara) in Thessaloniki, Macedonia: The Galerius Arch is certainly among the most distinctive monuments in Thessaloniki. The Roman Emperor Galerius ordered its construction...
Rotonda - Roman Temple

Thessaloniki Rotonda – Roman Temple

The famous Rotonda (or Rotunda) of Thessaloniki, Macedonia: The Rotonda is one of the most important Roman monuments in Thessaloniki. It stands just next to the Arch of...
Roman Forum - Ancient Agora

Thessaloniki Roman Forum – Ancient Agora

The Roman Forum (Roman Market) of Thessaloniki, Macedonia: The Roman Forum of Thessaloniki is located at the centre of the city, between Filippou and Olympou st. This...

Thessaloniki Ataturk Museum

Ataturk Museum, Thessaloniki: Mustafa Kemal Ataturk was born in this house in Apostolou Pavlou St in 1881. In 1935 the Thessaloniki city council decided to give the...
Monastery of Vlatadon

Thessaloniki Monastery of Vlatades (Vlatadon)

The Monastery of Vlatadon in Thessaloniki, Greece: The Monastery of Vlatadon is located on the northern side of Ano Poli of Thessaloniki, close to the castle walls...
How to get to Halkidiki from London UK

How to get to Halkidiki from London UK

The easiest way to get to Halkidiki from London UK is flight. There are several flight companies for cheap flights to reach from London to...
Magic Park Thessaloniki

Thessaloniki Magic Park

Magic Park Thessaloniki is the largest fun park for people of all ages. Located outside the city center, on the way to the airport, opposite Mediterranean Cosmos...
Halkidiki Kalithea Beach

Halkidiki Kalithea Beach

Halkidiki Kalithea Beach: Kallithea beach is situated about 50 km south of Poligiros, the capital of Halkidiki and eastern of Kassandra. It is among the most visited...
Halkidiki Kavourotrypes Beach

Halkidiki Orange (Kavourotrypes) Beach

Orange beach Halkidiki (Kavourotrypes Beach): Blue Flag Beach, a light sandy beach with numerous rocks, Orange beach is ideal for tourists looking for the perfect tan. Since it...


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