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Greece has long been a favourite holiday destination, and with very good reason. Although boasting over 400 Blue Flag beaches, Greece offers far more than sun, sea and sand. No other country can match Greece’s combination of world-shaping history, archaeological sites, unique culture and stunning scenery. A wide range of activities, from active water-sports and sailing to walking and painting, is available to help you make the most of your stay – take a look at some of our Greece Holidays Ideas.

Aerial view of famous White Tower of Thessaloniki


Thessaloniki is the second biggest city in Greece, after Athens! On this post, we will introduce where is Thessaloniki, how to get there, what to...
Traditional Greek foods

Traditional Greek Foods

One of the reasons to travel to Greece is delicious traditional Greek foods. If you have weaknesses in food, you can't stand seeing good food...
Amazing Greek island, Skiathos

Thessaly – Sporades

Sporades islands are geographically located between the Greek mainland and the greek islands of North Eastern Aegean, almost in the center of the Aegean Sea....
Hydra, Saronic island, Greece

Hydra Island

Hydra, one of the most charming Greek islands, is placed in the heart of the Argo Saronic Gulf. One of the main reasons why Hydra...
Pinios Bridge, Larissa, Greece


The main city of Thessaly, Larissa is a entertainment-loving university city in Greece. With 8,000 years of history the city rests under an acropolis that...
Winter Holidays in Greece

Winter holidays in Greece

Winter holidays in Greece is a good idea? We will prove that it is really a good choice to have a winter holiday in Greece....
Pagasetic Gulf, Pelion, Greece


Pelion is a definitly natural heaven in Greece! Actually, it is a giant mountain dotted with interesting traditional villages and fringed by amazing beaches! The...
Honeymoon in Greece

Honeymoon in Greece

Greek islands is the first places when you think about honeymoon in Greece. Check out the most popular tourist places and prices to visit in...
Volos, Greece


Volos is one of the biggest and most charming town in Greece as well as has a most important harbors. The modern-day town, built adjacent...
Skopelos Town, Sporades

Skopelos Island

Skopelos is an amazing island situated between Skiathos and Alonissos. Its picturesque setting and its untouched charm make Skopelos a best holiday destination, particularly for...


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