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Greece has long been a favourite holiday destination, and with very good reason. Although boasting over 400 Blue Flag beaches, Greece offers far more than sun, sea and sand. No other country can match Greece’s combination of world-shaping history, archaeological sites, unique culture and stunning scenery. A wide range of activities, from active water-sports and sailing to walking and painting, is available to help you make the most of your stay – take a look at some of our Greece Holidays Ideas.

Santorini, Greek Island

Santorini Travel Guide

Santorini Travel Guide for Greece holidays travellers. Santorini is famous for its cliff-side homes which are painted blazing white with deep blue roofs. They are symbolic of Greece....
Ultimate Mykonos Travel Guide

Mykonos Travel Guide

How much money will you need in Mykonos? Our Mykonos Travel Guide will give you all information about this wonderful greek island. One of the...
Ios Travel

Ios Travel Guide

Ios Travel Guide for Greece Holidays Travellers. Located in the Cycladic Islands, Ios has the wildest nightlife out of all the Greek islands. It is the summer...
Hersonissos, Crete, Greece

Crete Travel Guide

Crete Travel Guide for Greece Holidays Travellers. The island of Crete has a long, long history. It was once home to the ancient Minoan civilization, which predates...
Corfu Travel Old Town Corfu, Greece

Corfu Travel Guide

Corfu Travel Guide for Greece Holidays Travellers. Corfu remains one of Greece’s most popular tourist destinations. Located in the Ionian island group in the western part of the...
Athens Riviera

Athens Travel Guide

Athens Travel Guide for Greece Holidays Travellers. Athens, Greece has some of the largest collection of Greek ruins and artifacts and is the primary destination for people visiting...
Corfu Island Travel Tips

Useful Tips Before Traveling to Greece

Greece is not only beautiful with its ocean landscapes, distinct architecture, and delectable food, but it’s also incredibly affordable. Things cost half what they do...
Mykonos Luxury Hotels

New luxury hotels in Mykonos

On this article, you may find new and best luxury hotels in Mykonos island. The extravagant and irresistible Mykonos, in the Cyclades archipelago, is particularly...
Carnival of Xanthi

Xanthi Carnival

Carnival of Xanthi 2020 (ξανθη καρναβαλι, İskeçe Karnavalı), is a traditional folklore fiesta. So, when is Xanthi Carnival, how to go there, where you stay...
En iyi 10 Yunan yemeği

Top 10 Greek Foods

Taste Greek Foods at Greece Holidays. Greek Foods, traditional, you have to try. They love to eat and love to feed others; this is one place you’re guaranteed...
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