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Santorini Map

View a graphical Santorini map but also a Google map with villages, beaches and sightseeing. Also, view Santorini on a map of Cyclades and...
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Where is Bozcaada in Turkey

Where is Bozcaada Located north of the Aegean Sea, an island of Bozcaada in Çanakkale, (Tenedos in Greek) Turkey‘s third largest island. The island is...

Selimiye Mosque Edirne

Selimiye Mosque the second largest mosque in city of Edirne, east Thrace Turkey. Selimiye Mosque is considered to be Sinan's (architect) finest piece of work...

Where is Cappadocia in Turkey

This is a amazing unique view of the fairy chimney houses in Goreme (City of Nevsehir) in Turkey. This place called Cappadocia is located...

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