Liapades Beach, Corfu: The picturesque beach of Liapades is tucked away in the northern coast of Corfu, about 30 km from the main town. The surrounding area of Liapades is filled with vineyards, lush green and verdant fields. The area is sparsely populated, unique for its Ionian architecture. A must indulge activity in Liapades is snorkeling due to the crystal clear water that one is likely to come across the fascinating marine life.

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Corfu Liapades Beach

A few tourist facilities are found on the pebbled shore while the sea is ideal for numerous water sports. Those interested have the option of hiring a speed boat and embarking on a hopping tour covering the many uninhabited beaches which are virgin stretches really. On such expeditions, always be sure to have a well informed guide.

Weather for Corfu Liapades Beach

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