Greece Holidays in Antiparos Island. When you disembark at the picturesque harbor of Antiparos Island, an enchanting aura will seduce you. White houses with blue brush strokes, paved alleys with bougainvillea and eucalyptus and an overwhelming atmosphere of optimism and positive vibes will welcome you.

It is an island that combines beauty with history and archaeological interest, nightlife with moments of relaxation and peace, intrepid hikes on nature trails of exceptional beauty with water sports. It is a mere stone’s throw away from Paros, where you can get tickets for the ferry that connects the two islands.,

With a coastline boasting a wealth of heavenly beaches, dreamlike caves and picturesque coves, a landscape dotted with picturesque chapels and a Venetian castle which forms the main hamlet on the island, Antiparos beckons from the heart of the Cyclades, inviting you to get to know it. Enjoy tours and excursions to places of exceptional beauty, boat rides and diving in the open sea.

Greece Holidays in Antiparos Island

Taste the local specialties accompanied by the local tipple, “tsikoudia”, attend cultural events and travel back to more innocent times by joining in with the two types of “ballos” – a traditional Aegean dance. Enjoy the carefree lifestyle in this vibrant little backwater of the Aegean, with its clear, bright atmosphere and customs harking back to simple, unpretentious ways; just the right ingredients, in fact, for that perfect dream holiday. Numbered among its many fans is the Hollywood star, Tom Hanks, who has chosen it as his ideal summer getaway.

Antiparos Island

Things to do in Antiparos

The cave
Enchanting and imposing, the Antiparos Cave has been known since the ancient times, as proven by the Stone Age archaeological findings and the carvings in its interior. Perched high above the sea on Ai-Yiannis hill, this huge cave commands a brilliant view of its surroundings and plenty of international fame as well. Having descended the 411 steps to its entrance, you’ll be awestruck by the sheer artistry of nature on view within.

Beach in Antiparos island, Cyclades

Columns of stalactites look like waterfalls, hanging stones are “chandeliers”, stalagmites statues; so many wondrous and tantalizing shapes that let your imagination run wild. Your descent to the depths of the earth will be etched on your memory for ever more.

Just off the south east coast of Antiparos Island lies a small uninhabited island, Despotiko. Its rocky moonscape, with unspoilt beaches of all sizes, will offer you the chance to while away the hours in absolute serenity. In places, the infinite depth of the sea, gives the water a most vivid blue, casting a spell on every visitor.

Dreamy sunset on Antiparos

As you enjoy your swim, the past is being slowly unearthed nearby. Archaeological excavations of the ancient temple of Apollo and Artemis gradually reveal more and more, bringing long-forgotten mysteries to the sparkling Aegean daylight.

A bouquet of beaches in Antiparos
Antiparos has an array of dazzling beaches to suit all tastes. Sandy or rocky, shallow or deep, sheltered or with high waves, the beaches offer both moments of relaxation or action at sea. Popular Psaralykes, Sifneiko, Agios Spyridonas, Kalargyrou and Theologos- the camping beach- are all near the hamlet.

Sunrise over Antiparos

A few kilometres away you will find Glyfa, Apantima, Soros, Sostis, Monastiria, Kampos and Livadia, wonderful beaches with clear blue waters. To the south of the island the beach of Agios Georgios, sheltered, with translucent waters, lends itself to sea bed exploration. From there you can cross over to Despotiko for a dive in the waters of Livadi, a beach of rare seductive beauty.

Top 10 Best Places in Antiparos Island

Kastro, the main hamlet on the island is an architectural marvel, as the two-storey houses themselves form the walls of a fortress. This is a typical example of Venetian style fortification, behind which are enchanting neighborhoods and their local churches.

Hidden treasures of Antiparos

Getting round the island
Either by boat, pleasure caique or sea kayak, weaving between the island and its neighboring islets means getting right back to nature. Always stunning and ever-changing, the scenery alternates between jagged promontories and sandy beaches, coves and bays accessible by sea.

Church, Cyclades

Some sights are so unbelievably exotic they will take your breath away. Epitafios, for example, is unmissable, with its rocks sculpted by the wind and the Aegean sea, the turquoise waters and the sea caves. Most notable amongst them are the Fokospilies and the second cave after the headland, Cavos Skylos, with its white colour. On a trip to view these little miracles, the big blue will embrace your body and soul and offer you a sense of communion with nature.

Bike rides
Hire a bike from the main hamlet, Hora, and experience the touch of the wind enlivening your senses and the extraordinary feeling of freedom cycling from Hora to Livadia through Kampos.