Greece Holidays in Schinoussa Island. The sunrise finds you in a romantic mood, gazing at the magical view from the Chora of Iraklia to the islands of the Cyclades. When the sun rides higher in the noon sky, you can enjoy a swim in the cool waters and when its rays dive into the water before it disappears over the red horizon, you can sip your ouzo on Agios Giannis beach in Donoussa basking the sunset. Pick any one of these three islands of the Small Cyclades and you’ll always find yourself surrounded by landscapes of exceptional beauty.

Enjoy your Stay at Schinoussa Hotels

The Chora
Built on a hill as a defense against pirate attack, it is hard to spot at first but once you arrive there, you can enjoy its commanding views across the Aegean. Visit the “Isodia tis Theotokou”, where the icon of “Panagia tis Akathis” – an icon of the Holy Virgin – is kept. In the evening, in the café of the main paved street there are impromptu feasts to the accompaniment of violin and lute and an abundance of food, ideally washed down by “raki”, a homemade brew which really packs a punch after a couple of glasses. And make sure to try the local fava – a kind of chick pea dip – that has won many awards!

Holiday in Schinoussa island

The small hamlet with its two windmills and the “Evaggelistria” church with the colourful icon screen makes a fascinating afternoon’s excursion.

In the gorge of Harakas there are abseiling excursions organized for the lovers of the sport, who can enjoy the natural beauty and the view to Tsigouri and Fidou.

Boat trips
Either in your own boat or by sea taxi you can circumnavigate the island, naturally with stops for a swim at beaches of unique natural beauty that are difficult to access on foot, such as Gerolimionas and Sifneiko. Or if the fancy takes you, there is always a short trip to the other islands of the Small Cyclades.