Pulling in more than 40 million tourists every year, Greece is one of the world’s most popular holiday spots. And it’s not hard to see why. Spotless sands, centuries of history, and traditional sugar-cube towns are just the start of what the country has on offer.

That is the reason why Discover Greece? Is one of the most photographed countries in the world. Sweet Mediterranean light and bright colors that dominate every season make it an ideal destination for those wishing to capture the unparalleled beauty.

Discover Greece for the Unforgettable Holiday

Discover Greece

Greek landscapes characterized by the astonishing beauty in conjunction with Greek culture are just two reasons to discover Greece and capture truly unique images.

Enjoy the seven Greek spots where you can combine your treatment and relaxing vacations.

Popular beaches, traditional villages, hospitable locals and flavours with the fragrance of Greece welcome you to the most beautiful summer holidays of your life

When you think of sun and sea, you think of Greece. A country synonymous with sunlight, crystalline Aegean and Ionian Seas, award-winning beaches and marinas, countless islands, yachting and sailing, sea sports and more. In Greece, summer holidays begin in May and last until October. And you still haven’t booked your ticket?

A top holiday destination

Even if you didn’t experience 1960s, you’ll still know that Greece has been famous ever since then, throughout the world, for its sun and beaches – and today remains one of the top holiday destinations in the world. The blue sea, exotic beaches, bright Aegean light, hospitable locals, islands with their unique architecture and culture, in addition to the high standards of service, five-star hotels, boutique hotels, spas and marinas, make Greece an ideal holiday location. It’s a country drenched in sunlight, living by the sea year round!

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