Fokos Beach Mykonos: Located on the northern side of Mykonos island. Due to its long distance from the developed southern beaches, Fokos is secluded and very calm, even in high season.

Away from heady beach bars and packed rows of sun-loungers, Fokos Beach offers a simpler, more natural side of Mykonos.

The sandy beach of Fokos has no tourist facilities, like umbrellas and sunbeds. There is only one tavern in the region, which is traditional in style and had delicious dishes. A part of this beach has turned into a naturist beach.

Mykonos Fokos Beach

Fokos can be reached only by private means, after a turn in Ano Mera. It is located right after the artificial lake of Marathi, which provides the island with fresh water.

Fokos beach is situated in the north of Mykonos island in the bay of Myrsini. It’s not on all the maps of Mykonos, but it can be reached after taking a turn in the village of Ano Mera and following the signs. You will drive past a water basin (which is on your right hand side) with birds and the road will turn into a dirt track for the last stretch. This beach is one of the nicest beaches on Mykonos island, a big, clean wide sandy beach, with a place for naturists as well. There are no facilities on the beach like sunbeds and umbrella’s, but there is one taverna, which is actually one of the best tavernas of the whole of Mykonos with comfortable chairs, a view over the beach, and of course delicious food.

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Fokos Beach cannot be reached by public transport and I doubt if a taxi will take you there, so you need a car or a bike and you need to drive slowly on the last part of the road. Alternatively you could take the bus to Ano Mera and than make the (quite long) walk to Fokos Beach. Behind Fokos Beach you can find another lovely beach (actually two of them), which is called Mysini Beach, another one of my favorites. Because there are no hotels here and because there us no public transport to these beaches, you have all the space to yourself. Both beaches are as good as unknown to most of the tourists on Mykonos. Fokos Beach is for the lovers of peace and quiet, for the naturistst and for the lovers of excellent food. It sort of feels like you are on another island for a while.


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