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Getting around in Santorini


How to get around the island of Santorini? How to get from one town to another? How much are public bus and car rental fees?

Well, you arrived Santorini, how to move in Santorini, how to get from one village to another? Santorini is the most fascinating island in Greece, highly preferred by thousands of tourists and Athenians during the summer. The local road network is sufficiently good but it gets very busy in summer, so extra attention is required.

Santorini might be a very small island but getting from one place to another can get challenging during the summer if you haven’t planned in advance. Santorini transportation on foot is great for short distances and there are plenty options to reach beautiful spots further away! How are you planning to move around while you are on the island? To make your Santorini holidays even more relaxing, we have gathered all you need to know here:

Santorini Transportation: Even though it seems that you don’t have that many options to get around the island, that is actually far from reality as you can rent a car, a motorbike, a quad, take the taxi (UBER is not an option unfortunately) or even take the local bus.

Transportation while you are on Santorini

  • Rent a car
  • Local Santorini Bus
  • Taxi
  • Rent a quad (ATV)
  • Rent a motorbike
  • Cable car
  • By walk

Santorini’s buses (KTEL)

There are frequent buses (KTEL) that go to all the villages of the island. All the KTEL buses go to the main bus station at Fira. This means that if you would like to go i.e from Oia to Akrotiri (which are in opposite sides on the island), you will have to take one bus to Fira, and then another one from Fira to Akrotiri. The tickets are issued from inside the bus, and the cost can vary from 1.80€ to 2.50€ per person per route.

KTEL buses carry out daily bus routes to almost all destinations. You may find the bus schedule at the link above as well. The KTEL terminal is located in the square of Fira next to the taxis.

Taxi in Santorini Island

Taxis will take you to most places on the island. If you are at Fira town, there is a taxi stand at the main square. If you are note, with just a phone call you can be picked up from any point.

The taxi station phone number is +302286022555. The costs vary depending on the distances, from 4.00€ up to 25.00€.

Rent a Car and motorbike in Santorini

One of the most flexible ways to move around is by car. There are many car rental companies which will rent out a car on daily basis, manual or automatic.

The cost for a car depending on the season can start from 25.00€ per day for low season and around 35.00€ in high season.

As flexible as a car, are the motorcycles and squats. Again, many companies rent both for a day, with a bit lower prices than renting a car. Be careful with those, there are a lot of turns and bumpy roads!

Cable Car in Santorini

The cable car travels from Fira harbour up to Fira town and vice versa. Click here for information on timetable and here for information on pricelist.

Sightseeing in Santorini by walk

Of course, depending on where you stay, you may have the chance to walk to many destinations! There are trails to follow where cars are not allowed, and the views will definitely reward you for the distance covered!

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