Golden Beach (Chrissi Ammoudia) is the most famous beach on Thassos, located 12 km aouth west of Limenas and south of Makriammos (Makriamos) beach. It stretches along the coast between the resorts of Skala Panagias and Skala Potamias. Chrissi Ammoudia (Golden Sand) is among the most beautiful and popular beaches of Thassos. It is long, with golden sand and crystalline waters, and it is surrounded by dense vegetation reaching down to the sea. It is a well organized beach and its shallow waters are ideal for children. Mount Ypsarion rises over the bay, adding another beautiful touch to the whole scenery.

Where to stay Thassos Golden Beach?

Thassos Golden Beach

Holidays to Golden Beach give you exactly that, in spades. But you also get rustic Greek restaurants, lashings of watersports and easy access to the capital.

A laid-back resort

As you’d expect from its name, this photogenic resort on the east coast of Thassos is all about the beach. Many consider the huge, sweeping bay here to be the best on the island. And the pine-clad hills backing onto it only add to the picture-postcard scene. On top of that, a clutch of friendly bars and tavernas offer just what you need for a kick-back-and-relax kind of holiday.

The perfect beach

The beach here is a Blue Flag winner that gives you 3 kilometres of soft and, yes, golden sands. The stretch shelves gently into clear, shallow waters just made for paddling. Umbrellas and loungers are up for hire, and come lunchtime you won’t even have to get up as the beachfront tavernas will deliver right to you.

Thassos Golden Beach

Quietly enjoyable nights

The resort has a small but growing portfolio of bars and tavernas – and most are right on the beach, so are great places to watch the sunset. For livelier nights out, the capital, Thassos Town, is just 15 minutes away. Here, there’s a good mix of cocktail bars and tavernas playing Greek bouzouki music, plus a couple of clubs.

Daytrips to Thassos Town

Twenty minutes by water taxi and you’re in Thassos Town. The main attraction here is the 5th-century BC amphitheatre up on the hill. It’s a bit of climb – 136 steps – but from here you can also go up to the acropolis to see the ruins of Greek temples. Then down by the pretty old harbour there’s an Archaeological Museum and, next door, the remains of an ancient marketplace.


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