The main summer destination in northern Greece, Halkidiki is a lush region with three peninsulas located near Thessaloniki. Kassandra, the first finger, or leg, is famous for its many tourist resorts and beaches. The second leg, Sithonia, is less touristy and boasts hidden coves, mountainous villages, verdant valleys and isolated beaches. The third leg is Mount Athos, a monastic community where only men are allowed. If you need some convincing on why to visit the beautiful mainland of Halkidiki.

Map of Halkidiki

Halkidiki Map, Greece
Map of Halkidiki (Kassandra, Sithonia, Agion Oros), Greece.

Halkidiki is the most popular tourist destination in northern Greece. It is actually a peninsula with three small peninsulas, known as the three legs of Halkidiki Greece. The first leg is Kassandra and has popular tourist resorts with organized beaches. The second peninsula is Sithonia, with less organized resorts and more secluded coves. The third peninsula, Mount Athos, is a close monastic community where entrance is allowed only to men and after special permission. Very interesting is a boat trip from Ouranoupolis that makes the tour of Mount Athos, a region with lovely beaches and impressive Byzantine monasteries. Tourist facilities are plenty in the beautiful beach resorts of Halkidiki.

Where is Halkidiki, Greece

Halkidiki is one of the most famous tourist resorts in Greece located in Macedonia. The region forms three impressive capes (Kassandra, Sithonia and Mount Athos) which give Halkidiki its characteristic shape (known as the three legs of Halkidiki).

How to get to Halkidiki

Flights near Halkidiki: There is no airport in Halkidiki. The nearest airport is located in Thessaloniki, 16 km east of the city centre, in the region of Thermi. The airport of Thessaloniki operates domestic flights from Athens and other Greek airports, as well as international and charter flights from abroad. Many low cost flights also arrive in Thessaloniki all year round. Right next to the airport of Thessaloniki is the Bus Station from where buses to Halkidiki depart.

Car to Halkidiki: If they arrive by plane to the airport of Thessaloniki, visitors can then rent a car and travel to Halkidiki. Most tourist places in Halkidiki are withn 1h and 1h30 from the airport of Thessaloniki. Many tourists from Balkan countries also travel to Halkidiki with their private car. Roads in Halkidiki are good but they have one line per direction, so attention is required.

Buses to Halkidiki: KTEL (suburban) buses for Halkidiki depart from Halkidiki Bus Station, close to the airport of Thessaloniki. The airport is located east of the city centre, in the region of Thermi. These buses go to various destinations in Halkidiki, both villages and beaches.

Information – Coach Station of Halkidiki (KTEL):
Thessaloniki Station +30 2310 316565, 316555
Polygyros Station +30 23710 22309
Nea Moudania Station +30 23730 21228
Arnea Station +30 23720 22278
Kassandria Station +30 23740 22214

For more information, visit the website of the Coach Station of Halkidiki (KTEL):

Travel guide to Halkidiki, Greece

Located on the northern side of Greece, Halkidiki is a popular tourist region with many resorts and lovely beaches. It is easily accessible from Thessaloniki, the second largest Greek city. Due to its large size, tourism in Halkidiki is spread around, creating many beach tourist places. The first peninsula is the busiest, while the second peninsula is less frequented but equally beautiful. Holidays in Halkidiki will give you amazing days on the beach and long romantic nights. A drive around will bring you to nice places and historical sites.

Travel to Halkidiki | How Much Does Holiday Cost for 7 Days?

Greece Holidays in Halkidiki Beaches. “There is nothing like Halkidiki,” say the northern Greeks Macedonia and they know what they’re talking about. Get ready to succumb to the charms of its three beautiful ‘feet’: Kassandra, Sithonia, Athos. The first two don’t discriminate, but the third is off limits to women, as it’s home to the famous monastic state, Mount Athos. What will your holiday in Halkidiki look like?Halkidiki Beaches and Villages

Turquoise water, dense pine forests, dreamy hotels, small coves with fish tavernas and cafes, beach bars, archaeological sites, traditional villages in Sithonia, the Petralona Cave in Kassandra. A microcosm of miracles. Explore it with all your senses.

Things to do and see in Halkidiki

A five-star stay

Halkidiki tempts you to live a life of luxury at any one of its many luxury, beach resorts. High-end service, activities, spas and a plethora of unique experiences: private dining on the beach, soothing spa treatments, roomy villas right on the water, molecular gastronomy and renowned wines. You can also find private marinas, casinos, boutique shops, high-end bars and restaurants… the epitome of classic 5 star luxury in Northern Greece.

Photos of Halkidiki

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Petralona Cave and the 700,000-year-old man

As well as several archaeological sites, Halkidiki is also home to the Petralona’s Cave, located in the western part of Mount Katsika. Accidentally discovered in 1959, the cave is full of red-earth covered stalagmites and stalactites, earning it the name it’s also known by: the Cave of the Red Stones. But this is not just any old cave; in 1960, Dr Aris Poulianos discovered the remains of the skeleton of a young woman approximately 700,000 years old, considered one of the earliest human findings in Europe. Subsequent excavations allowed the discovery of more pre-human remains, as well as animal fossils.

Ancient Olynthos

A lesson in architectural planning: at this archaeological site, you’ll see how the famous Hippodamian grid plan, the foundation for the science of town planning, was organised. Excavated houses, avenues, communal spaces, all from a place with panoramic views.

Drop anchor in Porto Koufos

What lies behind the cliffs to the south of Sithonia? A secret harbour through an opening just 300m wide. This is the ancient Toronaios port, mentioned by Thucydides as the largest and most secure port in Ancient Greece. It was nicknamed the “deaf port” because you cannot hear the sea if you stand inside the gulf.

Aristotle’s home

You are in Macedonia, the birthplace of one of the great Greek philosophers. Walk in his footsteps. Near the village of Olympiada, visit Ancient Stagira, Aristotle’s birthplace. In the village, you’ll find the Alsos of Aristotle, with a compass, pendulum, prism – all the instruments referred to in his Physics are here.

What to do in Halkidiki, Greece

Arnaia and Afitos

Two very different villages, two gems, each with its own traditions. Cobblestones, traditional Macedonian architecture, restoration projects, museums. Their charm will take you back to village life, as it was years ago.

The Potidaia Canal

A narrow isthmus joins the peninsula of Kassandra to the mainland. The canal marks the start of a great story: it was begun by King Kassander of Macedonia to facilitate navigation and protect Thessaloniki.

Village of Taxiarchis in central Halkidiki

The joy of Christmas is cultivated here in the Halkidiki mountains. In the village of Taxiarchis in central Halkidiki, families are engaged in the cultivation of fir trees in the beautiful mountain of Holomonta.

Beaches of Halkidiki, Greece

The beaches in Halkidiki have the reputation of being some of the best in Greece. With 71 Blue-flagged beaches and over 550km of coastline, there is definitely a beach you will fall in love with. Known for their fine sand, turquoise waters and lush and wild surroundings, the beaches in Kassandra peninsula usually feature resorts. Sithonia, on the other hand, being less touristy, has hidden beaches and coves and is the perfect destination for camping fans. Find best beaches halkidiki in our pages.

Swimming under the pines

Pine trees to the water’s edge, white sand, beautiful bays, crystal-clear water, hidden coves. Halkidiki’s beaches are numberless. You can’t count them all, so just take out a map and mark it: Kavourotripes, Mikro (small) and Megalo (large) Karidi, Kalogria, Kriopigi, Agios Mamas, Sani… Dive into unspeakable beauty.

Best beaches in Halkidiki

What are the beaches like in Halkidiki? The beaches in Halkidiki are famous for their soft sand, the crystal water, and lush surroundings. Most popular Halkidiki beaches are found in Kassandra peninsula, including Sani, Kallithea, Paleochori and Hanioti.

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Where to stay in Halkidiki

Halkidiki Hotels: The best hotels in Halkidiki, chosen by our expert, including luxury hotels, boutique hotels, budget hotels and Halkidiki hotel deals. Read the reviews and book.

Best hotels in Halkidiki

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