Greek pebble beach

If you’re planning a trip to Greece and looking for some travel inspiration, make sure you add these hidden gems on your bucket list and discover an alternative Greece which takes you off the beaten track and into another world.



Our team member suggests a trip to the Aegean island of Skyros. Although Skiathos and Skopelos had a brief moment in the spotlight when ‘Mamma Mia’ was released in 2008, the rest of the pine-fringed Sporades islands have stayed under the radar, she explains. Refreshingly resort-free, Skyros is an island of woodcarvers, shepherds, and a unique breed of miniature horses. British poet Rupert Brooke is buried in an olive grove on Mount Kohilas, a stirring setting for windswept hikes.

There’s only one proper town, tumbling down the hillside below the Byzantine monastery of St George. During Skyros carnival (February/March), locals dress up as goats and dance through the cobbled streets – an unforgettable Dionysian spectacle.

Skyros Island, Greece
Skyros The largest of the Sporades islands Only three and a half hours away from Athens.


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