A honeymoon destinations in Greece has offered generations of newlyweds the experience of both an ancient civilization as well as a vibrant, living culture. Whether embracing on the steps of the Acropolis or the waters edge during sunset at Cape Sounion; drinking ouzo at a café or sipping a glass of Retsina while awaiting the ferry to Santorini; here is where romance is at its most sensuous.

Honeymoon Destinations In Greece

As you explore all there is to do and see in Greece, you’ll be reminded of the many romantic scenes from the film, Mama Mia. You’ll feel the tug of history in each warm welcome extended by those known for their joyous hospitality. And you’ll relish each sun-filled day here as partners in a real-life paradise.

Begin your honeymoon destinations in Athens – the cradle of this great civilization. Select your accommodations not only for the romance, but also to be near the exuberant night life of the Plaka where the evening doesn’t truly begin until after 10. And, no matter where you go in this diverse country, food will be one of the more extraordinary ways through which you can embrace the Greek way of life.

Outside of city life, you can also journey together to explore the Greek isles much like the classical heroes of ancient times. Whether you travel just to Aegina or to Crete, each island will provide a unique experience – history and vivid scenery that can be mixed with cosmopolitan nightlife or simply tranquility and peace.

Few other places on earth can provide such a rich honeymoon destinations wedding experience. It is a crossroads of culture and civilization and a world that beckons lovers to its shores.

Here’s a list of great things to do in Greece based on user reviews from around the web.


Serifos is part of the Cyclades Islands in Aegean Sea. It is not as popular as other Greek islands making it perfect for someone who wants to celebrate their love away from the touristic busy areas.


Tinos island is known in Greece as a holy island where every year people make pilgrimage to in order to light a candle and make a wish at the church of Panagia Evangelistria. That and over 80 windmills making it a very beautiful location for a serene romantic honeymoon.


Also known as Mytilini, Lesvos is the third largest island in Greece. There are many good spots on the island to enjoy a charming view of the Aegean with your loved one from high ground.


Rhodes is known for its first class resorts offering many romantic options for honeymoon couples including dinner or drinks on the beach.


Found in the Ionian Sea, Corfu has a lot of gorgeous crystal clear beaches, making it perfect if you and your loved one like swimming together.


Port in Elounda Crete

Crete is the biggest island in Greece and as such there are a lot of romantic places to spend your honeymoon. Resorts also offer lovely options which will definitely melt the heart of your significant other such as romantic dinners and beds on the beach.


Folegandros is a very small island in the Aegean Sea and because of this it is often overlooked. However, the island’s tranquility and concentrated beauty make it perfect for a honeymoon.


Sifnos is probably the lesser known perfect honeymoon destination in Greece. Hundreds of couples get married on Sifnos every year and the island is prepared to accommodate the most passionate lovers for their honeymoons.


Mykonos as one of the most popular island in Greece, is good for just about anything. As such it’s no surprise that it’s so high of the list. Its luxurious resorts offer every amenity and possibility for honeymooners, including private pools surrounded by candles, romantic dinners on platforms in the middle of the sea and much more.


Santorini is the most popular island in Greece and is known as one of the best places in the world to enjoy the sunset. Sunsets are naturally romantic when you’re holding the hand of the person you love. Its prestigious resorts and hotels also offer perfect settings for honeymooners who want to have the most romantic and lovely time of their lives.

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