You have many ways to go Xanthi, Greece. How to go this charming small town? By flights, bus, train, your own car or renting a car.

First of all, Xanthi is a small town, it’s easy to explore it on foot. So, how can you go Xanthi?


Xanthi shares Kavala Airport, 44km southwest, near Hrysoupoli, with coastal Kavala. Also you may take a flight ticket for Thessaloniki, its 220km to Xanthi.


The bus station is 700m south of Kentriki Plateia. Dimokritou (later Karaoli) leads to Kentriki Plateia from the bus station.

Buses travel to Komotini (€5, one hour, eight daily), Thessaloniki (€19, 2½ hours, nine daily), Athens (€61, nine hours, one daily) and Alexandroupoli (€8, one hour, eight daily). Buses also serve northern Pomakohoria villages (€3.80, 1½ hours, two daily) and Stavroupoli to the west.

Buses (€90) leave daily at 9.30am and 5.30pm for Bulgarian destinations Svilengrad, Harmanli, Haskovo and Plovdiv (Philippopouli in Greek).


Xanthi’s train station connects Alexandroupoli and Komotini with Thessaloniki twice daily.

Car Rental

Rent a car, before you go Xanthi!

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