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How much does it cost to travel to Mykonos? Check your budget for Mykonos Holiday

How much does a holiday on Mykonos cost about? How much money do you need for Mykonos holiday? Looking for deals on holidays in Mykonos? Such questions often come from users who visit our site. For this reason, we wanted to compile the costs of travelling for one person on the island of Mykonos. Mykonos holiday deals will vary depending on the hotel you choose, the price of the flight, whether you go with or without children and whether you book early or not. Holidayify.com is based on standard rates when compiling Mykonos holiday prices for you. For this reason, you can make a holiday on the island of Mykonos at a more affordable price by sacrificing quality.

As mentioned above, the prices of flights and Mykonos hotels will constitute the main budget of your holiday. If you benefit from early booking options, this will reduce or increase your Mykonos holiday prices by these two costs. Other cost items are generally standard and do not vary much from person to person.

Mykonos Holiday Deals – How much does it cost?

  • Visa application fee (If you need)
  • Visa fee (If you need)
  • Insurance fee if you drive
  • International driving license
  • Mykonos flight prices – Compare cheap flights to Mykonos at Skyscanner. The most economical way to get to Mykonos is by flying to Athens first. We recommend you to take the ferry from Athens to Mykonos via Rafina Port. This will be the most economical trip. For more information, read out “How to get to Mykonos” post.
  • Mykonos ferry rates – depending on whether you book early. You can reach Mykonos from Athens, Rhodes or Kos by a ferry. As mentioned above, you can get to Mykonos from Greece by ferry from Athens. It takes 4 hours by ferry from Athens to Mykonos.
  • Food and drink on the island of Mykonos – Approximate minimum cost 15 Euro (Person / Day), your average cost of meals in a restaurant 30 Euro (Person / Day), Dining prices in a luxury restaurant 50-70 Euro (Person / Day)
  • Bus transportation in Mykonos cost about 1-3 Euro

Mykonos Hotels Deals – Depending on whether you book early or not. During the peak season, prices range from minimum 100 Euros to 1500 Euros.

By reading our article “Where to stay in Mykonos?”, you can find detailed information about which hotels are available and how much hotel prices are in Mykonos.

If you want to know deals of Mykonos Hotels, look booking.com and hotelscombined.com web pages.

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