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How To Reach Czech Republic

The Czech Republic, a hidden gem in Central Europe, is a country that fascinates many people. In this case, it is necessary to go to Czechia. So, how to reach Czech Republic, what is the best travel way to Czechia?

The Czech Republic, which has become one of the most beautiful holiday destinations in Europe, is full of enchanting nature, magnificent castles and many different architecture with a long and fascinating history.

Pair it with local beers, which are surprisingly cheap and delicious food, it’s really no surprise that many people flock to this beautiful country. First of all, let’s explain the airports and locations in the Czech Republic, then search for cheap flights to the Czech Republic.

Airport in Prague

Prague airport (Vaclav Havel) has the largest terminal in the Czech Republic, formerly called Ruzyně and renamed after the Czech president in 2012. Even though the airport is located a little outside the city of Prague, it is very easy to reach. The AE (Aeroport Express) bus line will take you to the Main Train Station in the center in 30 minutes. The line has its own fee and tickets can be purchased directly from the driver. There are also a number of regular paid buses running from the airport to different metro stations such as Nádráží Veleslavín or Zličín. You can find detailed information here. You can also go to and from the airport with one of the private carrier services.

Airports of Czech Republic
Airports of Czech Republic

Other international airports in the Czech Republic are located in Brno, (official website), Ostrava (official website), Karlovy Vary (official website) and Pardubice (official website).These official websites include information on public transport and parking.

Reaching Czech Republic by Air

It is possible to reach Czech Republic by flights to the Prague airport from many cities of other countries. Apart from Prague airport, there are 4 more international airports in Czechia. These airports spread all over the country are located in Ostrava, Brno, Karlovy Vary and Pardubice as you may see on map above. All of the above airports connect the Czech Republic to some non-European cities as well as most other European capitals. Czech Airlines is a national carrier operating in many European and other international destinations. Direct flights are available from UK, Middle East, Europe, Canada and other destinations to Czech Republic.

Reaching Czech Republic by Bus

You can reach the Czech Republic by bus services from Germany, Slovakia, Austria, and Poland. Eurolines, RegioJet, LEO Express, Polski Bus, Flixbus, Lux Express, Ecolines, Hello and Orangeways are some of the major and most well-known international bus companies serving Czech Republic.

Reaching Czech Republic by Rail

If you are planning a trip from any European country to the Czech Republic, it makes sense to travel by train. The ride is comfortable and quite cheap. The country is also part of the European InterCity network, which makes it easy to travel by train. Trains can cross the border at approximately 18 points. Most of the international trains leave at Hlavní nádraží, Pragueês main station or Nádraží Holešovice and Praha-Smíchov stations. The most convenient routes from Western Europe to the Czech Republic are Berlin, Frankfurt, Munich, Würzburg, Cologne, Nuremberg, Vienna or Zurich.

Reaching Czech Republic by Car

The Czech Republic has very active borders, connecting many neighboring countries by road. You can enter the country from Germany from the north and west, Poland from the northeast, Austria from the south and Slovakia from the southeast. The entry point for each of the routes can be accessed via a main and well-maintained highway that leads directly to Prague in the west or Brno to the east. Note that to use motorways within the Czech Republic, you need to get a sticker affixed to your windshield. There are three stickers available for one week, one month and one year, subject to validity. Stickers can be accessed from post offices or gas stations.

Reaching Czech Republic from India

If you are visiting the Czech Republic from India, there are several flight options including Air India, Fin Air, Lufthansa, Aeroflot, Austrian Airways, Turkish Airlines, Swiss Flights, Emirates Flights and much more. There is no direct fight to the country, the journey takes about 10 hours. Flights are available from various Indian cities such as Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore and Hyderabad.

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