Greece holidays in Mathraki island. The tiny island is among the most isolate islands in Greece. Located off the northern coasts of Corfu, in the Ionian Sea, Mathraki island belongs to the complex of Diapontia islands, along with Erikoussa and Othoni.

Pure in nature, with crystal water and houses spread in the countryside, Mathraki Greece is the ideal place to enjoy total isolation and privacy. Tourist facilities are very few there, as few are also the visitors that spend their holidays in this island. Most tourists arrive for a day trip from Corfu or they are free campers seeking for totally secluded places. All transport on the island is done on foot. The most beautiful beach is Portello, while there are many peaceful coves around the island.

Mathraki Island

Travel guide to Mathraki, Greece

Mathraki island is a totally secluded place on the northern side of Corfu. It is accessible by boat from Agios Stefanos and receives very few tourists even in high season. There are no buses and almost no cars in Mathraki, therefore visitors have to move around by foot or private means if they have, like boat or motorbike. Only few rooms to rent are found in this island, around the port. They are simple rooms with no special facilities, except for the basic. The most beautiful beach in Mathraki is Portello. The other beaches are mostly pebbled but offer much privacy.

Mathraki Island


Accommodations in Mathraki are extremely limited and include only few traditional studios and rooms with very simple facilities. These venues are concentrated between the port of Plakes and the beach of Portello, which is the main beach on the island. They are enough the cater the few visitors that spend their holidays in Mathraki.

Things to see and do

The island of Mathraki, in Greece, is one of the Greek islands of the Ionian Sea and it belongs to the Ionian islands group. Mathraki island is a totally isolate and unknown island of Greece, with very limited things to do. Tourist facilities in Mathraki island is very limited and all transport is done on foot. Most beaches are rocky, such as Apidies, Arvanitiko or Fyki. Be prepared for long walk in your Mathraki holidays, as there is no public transport there.

Mathraki Island

The only sandy beach is Portello, a gorgeous coast on the eastern side of the island that extends for long and has amazing water. Surrounded by lush greenery, Portello is a lovely beach to relax. The only village is Chorio. Located on the southern side of the island, Chorio is surrounded by much greenery and gives gorgeous view to the sea. Few houses also dot the area around the port, however this is not a village but rather a port settlement, Plakes.

Mathraki Island

Discover Mathraki Island

To walk around the Greek island Mathraki, it will take you approx. 3-4 Hours. But whether your accommodation is down near the Port or up the hill towards Kato Mathraki, all parts of the island are easily accessible on foot. A single well surfaced road runs around the island and to most main locations.

Mathraki Island

The northwest coast beaches, the old harbour and the picturesque Ano Mathraki village church and hill-cemetery can all be reached without a car ! There are no taxis, cars or bikes to rent. However, bicycles, motor-scooters and cars can be rented in Corfu island (Kerkira) and brought across on Alex II public Boat transport.

The Island offers beautiful sights to the East, from dawn to dusk, across the clear blue sea to the West coast of Corfu. To the North East and North West are the hazy shapes of Othoni and Erikousa Greek islands. On the West side of the island the mornings and evenings give the views of the tiny satellite island Trachea striking light and shadows. Inland, the island’s pine clad hills and fragrance are a delight at any time from Spring to Autumn.

Mathraki Island

Mathraki is famous for its 2 kilometres long ribbon of sandy beach, with intermittent rock shade, stretching the length of the east side of the island. On the west side, a short walk from the Kato Mathraki church leads to different and varied beaches opposite the satellite island of Trachea.

Our Greek island Paradise is also known for spearfishing. Its rich seas and incredible seabeds, will give you a one of a kind diving experience, whether you carry a mask or gear for spearfishing.

Mathraki Island

On Mathraki island you will find coffeshops and restaurants in different locations. Enjoy the scenery of a summer morning or afternoon, with a Coffee or your favourite meal!

So all you need to do is put your adventure cap and your hiking shoes on and the story begins!

  • Useful Phone Numbers
    Community: 26630-71.200
    Local medical center: 26630-71.676
    Police station: 26630-72.400