Kalamaki Beach Chania Crete: Kalamaki is a nice resort surrounded with olive groves 7 km west of Chania Town. The clean sand and the deep blue waters are some of the main characteristics that make the beach so popular. The beach is located between the village of Galatas.

It is well-organized and quite popular due to the numerous accommodation solutions, taverns and bars which are located near by. In the west part of the beach, there is a small cove that divides the main beach with a narrow line of sand. As it is located on the northern side of Crete, Kalamaki is frequently affected by summer winds in August. There are buses running frequently from Chania Town.

Kalamaki Beach Chania – Crete Holidays

Chania Kalamaki Beach

The seaside resort of Kalamaki is located 6km west of Chania and is the seaside part of Galatas village. Galatas is located in a fertile plain with citrus and olive groves.

Kalamaki is the western part of the long beach which starts 1km east, at Glaros. The beautiful beach of Kalamaki has fine sand and shallow waters. It is very well organized, with umbrellas, showers, lifeguard, accommodation and food services, water sports, etc. Moreove, beside the western edge of the beach, a separate small cove is formed. This is separated from the main beach by a narrow strip of sand. There are frequent bus services from the center of Chania to Kalamaki.

Chania Kalamaki Beach

The village of Galatas is the father’s place of Mikis Theodorakis, one of the greatest modern Greek composers and activists, who had been prisoned by the military dictatorship that took control of Greece in April, 1967. Theodorakis had been proposed for Peace Nobel Prize. During the Ottoman Occupation, Galatas village was inhabited by Christians, while the neighbouring Daratsos village by Ottomans.


The nice beach of Glaros is shaped in a large bay, which starts at the area of Holy Apostles and extends to the west up to Kalamaki. It has fine sand and shallow blue waters. Next to the beach, there are many tamarisk trees offering natural shade. It is one of the most developed beaches in Chania, due to its proximity to the city. Glaros is open to north winds, thus if it is windy you visit the nearby protected coves of Holy Apostles. Glaros is a great choice for holidays, because the combination of the very good facilities, the beautiful beach and the easy access to Chania, will make your vacation easy and enjoyable.