Thassos holidays in Greece at Kalirachi village (Kallirachi): Mountainous village, only 24 km from Limenas, the capital of Thassos. It is one of the oldest and most picturesque villages of Thassos, situated in the western part of the island, near Kalirachi. The village is surrounded by olive trees and verdant scenery.

The houses of Kalirachi are superb examples of the traditional local architecture and the streets are beautifully narrow, perfect for enjoying a walk. Taverns, traditional cafes and rooms for rent can be found in Kalirachi.

Where to stay in Thassos Kalirachi?

Kallirachi is a big mountainous village at the western side of Thassos offering a view of Kavala City. It is 24 km far from Limenas and 2.5km from Skala Kallirahis. It was build in 1750 by the inhabitants of Kallirachi after its destruction from pirates. Its 600 dwellers are occupied with tourism, agriculture and fishery.

Thassos Kalirachi Restaurants and Tavernas

Kallirachi has narrow alleys with traditionally built houses where serenity and tranquility dominates. A folk faucet adorns the central square. In the area there are many bridges made of stone while one lane leads to Kakirahi and Metamorfosi.

Visit the folkloric museum of Kallirachi, in a mansion-house dating back from 1800, which has been restored according to the lifestyle of the local people during the past century. The exhibition includes traditional tools, needlework, weaving art and photographs.

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