Kapari Beach Mykonos: This is one of the few unorganized beaches of Mykonos, located behind the lovely chapel of Agios Ioannis. This is very calm, ideal for relaxing and enjoy its beautiful clear waters. Not far from the Chora but keep your eye out for signs because it is not a simple journey.

Kapari Beach is a small sandy beach located close to Mykonos town and Agios Ioannis Beach.

Kapari beach is a small and relatively undiscovered small beach a ten minutes walk away from Agios Ioannis Beach, in the south west of the island. When you walk to the church at the end of Agios Ioannis beach you can see the sign.

Kapari Beach, Mykonos island

People told us that you could swim in the nude there, but when we arrived there were two families on the beach and they were in bathing outfits. On another visit to Kapari Beach there was a mixed crowd with both naturists and also some people in their textiles.

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The beach of Kapari is a not too large sandy beach and the water in the sea is shallow. Kapari Beach is reasonably protected and surrounded by high cliffs. The nearest accommodation and facilities are found in the nearby village of Agios Ioannis, so when you want to visit this beach and stay there for some time it is wise to bring a bottle of water with you. There are no sunbeds and umbrellas for rent on the beach of Kapari and there is no taverne (or at least there was none during our visits, but you never know: things might change).

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