Rhodes holidays in Greece at Kattavia village: Well preserved settlement located in the middle of a fertile plain, in the southern end of the island, about 84 km from the Rhodes town. This is a charming traditional village. It was built during the medieval times as every village in Rhodes and until now it has retained its traditional character, with houses of typical folklore architecture depicting the way of life during the years.

A tour around the village will help the visitor to travel through time and explore the culture of Rhodes. Kattavia is surrounded by hills and every season of the year the colors alternate according to the climate. The visitors have various options for hiking since there are numerous paths and rural roads towards many directions. Kattavia is also a place of archaeological interest, there is the temple of Agia Paraskevi and the church of Virgin Mary, built in the 8th century. At further 8 km there are the extraordinary beaches of Prassonisi, the windsurfing Mecca.

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Kattavia is an attractive farming village with a few old houses and a picturesque village square. It is popular with surfers since it is the village closest to Prasonisi so it is small wonder that the few rooms available for rent are usually occupied by them. The village boasts of a couple of taverns as well, a mini market and a cafe-restaurant for snacks and light meals.

The few country houses scattered around the village, the old airport (on the left as you drive towards Prasonisi) and the impressive road lined with cypress trees opposite the derelict Italian church with its clock tower on the main road from Gennadi to Kattavia show that the area was first developed during the time of Italian rule.

Religious monuments Saint George (17th century) Saint Minas (19th century) Prophet Elias (19th century) Apostle Paul (20th century) Saint Panteleimonas (20th century) Saint Mark (Catholic church, 20th century).

Festivals Kattavia celebrates the following: Saint Paraskevi on July 26th. The festival takes place the night before and ends the next evening Saint Panteleimonas on July 27th. The festival takes place the night before and ends the next evening Assumption of the Virgin Mary on August 15th.

Weather for Rhodes Kattavia Village

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