Kazaviti village is situated 15 km south west of Limenas, the capital of Thassos and 4 km from the village of Prinos. It is divided in two parts, the Small Kazaviti (Mikro) and the Big Kazaviti (Megalo). It is the oldest village of the area, perched on the mountains, hidden between the lush green forests. The beautiful houses with their wooden balconies, their stoned walls and painted ceilings climb the hill. A few traditional cafes, excellent taverns and some rooms for rent are available.

Where to stay in Thassos Kazaviti?

Perhaps the most beautiful and the quaintest mountainous village of the island. It is 4km far from Prinos and 20km from Limenas. It is divided into Mikro and Megalo Kazaviti, which between distance is 500m.They are known as well as Mikros and Megalos Prinos respectively. The earthenware and the castles that were found out reveal the inhabitants’ installation since 400B.C.

Thassos Kazaviti Restaurants and Tavernas

The village has narrow paved with slabs alleys and the cars have access only to the square. The region is renowned for its tasty and organic meat, its vineyards a wine. There, under the dense planes, you will find traditional taverns and coffee houses. The village is crossed by many water channels.

Things to do and see in Thassos Kazaviti

The architecture in Kazaviti is characteristic. It has houses made of stone, roofs made of schist, wooden verandas and painted ceilings. The houses have remained untouched by time since they have been abandoned since 1960. Nevertheless, during the last few years, they are being restored, renovated and preserved by their owners. So, Kazaviti is inhabited periodically depending the season.

On the rural road from Kazaviti you will arrive at the monastery of Saint Panteleimonas. It is a nuns’ religious shelter which celebrates on the 27th of July.


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