Kefali Chania: Kefali is a small village located 60 km south west of Chania Town at a high altutude of 460 metres above the sea. The mountainous village is surrounded by a beautiful verdant landscape and close to the villages of Kissamos– Kaloudiana- Topolia- Elos– Kefali.

It is a tiny village with a few houses and byzantine monasteries built amidst lush surroundings. The view from the village is amazing and gives a true setting of Cretan landscape. There are some delicious taverns and rooms to rent in Kefali.

Kefali is a small, quiet and traditional mountain village that you will drive through when you are on your way to the Chrisoskalistissa Monastery or to the beach of Elafonisi island in the southwest of Crete. It’s nothing much: a few small hotels, a few very small shops which are at the same time bar, minimarket, coffeeshop and taverna, and a few houses. Over the last years a couple of new taverns and some more facilities have been added to the village. The area is mountainous and green and good for making hikes and the views from the village are quite impressive. If you are German or if you understand the language, it’s worth to visit the Elafonisos Taverna if you want to have a good laugh and see what special menu they have for you :)!

In the village of Kefali you can have a look at a church dating from the 14th century, the Metamorphosis tou Sotiris (Transfiguration of Christ). Inside frescoes can be seen of the treachery of Judas and of Jesus being taken off the cross. The church is accessible via a path on the right hand side near the end of the village as you drive from north going south. It is a path with black stones and it runs down. At the end turn right, then left, then right again to reach it. You can already see the little church on a hill from a distance, but at first you do not think it is very old. That you only see when you stand in front of it.