Kinira beach in Thassos is a small, charming village on the beautiful east coast of the island. Kinira beach captures the hearts of its visitors, and the people who visit here come again and again because Kinira beach is one of the quieter regions of Thassos and has a fabulous natural beauty.

Where to stay Thassos Kinira Beach?

Directly opposite this quiet coastal resort is the island of Kinira, the “Kiniriotiko” a small, offshore island, covered in pine trees and with its own small rocky beaches and as such is part of the natural topography of this area, providing an additional unique appeal. It is very difficult to access but the waters around provide the local fishermen with one of the richest fishing grounds in the area. The home of the original owner can still be seen there. Kinira has a rich history, going back to the Phoenicians. Kinira Beach together with Ainira, the present Palaiochori, was the centre of the mining in this region. Nowadays it is also known locally as Loutra, (the bath).

In the village you will find all the necessities that you need for your holidays. There are restaurants and tavernas, pizzerias, a supermarket, and you will find the locals will greet you warmly and welcome you to their area. The majority of visitors who come here are those who are looking for a traditional Greek environment and to experience and enjoy the simple life, and the hospitality which is freely offered.


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