Kolimbari Chania Crete: Kolimbari beach is located 24 km west of Chania town, nestled between the flat cliffs of Kissamos peninsula. Totally untouched by tourism, the area is ideal for a peaceful hiking vacation.

Kolimbari is a small seaside town with 5500 inhabitants, located 24km west of Chania, at the westernmost point of the bay of Chania. The wild Rodopos Cape starts at the west of the town.

Kolimbari Beach – Greece Holidays

Kolimbari is fairly well developed, mainly due to the beautiful long beach that stretches in front of the village and extends east to Tavronitis. The beach in Kolimbari is sandy and in some places has small pebbles. The water is deep, but usually wavy (like most open beaches of northern Crete). Next to the beach there are many options for accommodation, food and entertainment. If you seek for a quieter beach, you can visit the small coves near the monastery of Gonia, 1km northwest of the village. Boats run from the port of Kolimbari to the Cape of Rodopos, with its imposing cliffs and the small quiet bays.

Chania Kolimbari beach

A concrete pavement is set to the back of the pebble strip where you can walk by tasteful fish taverns and also one beautiful traditional café built of stone. The beach is clean with shallow blue waters, letting you play and sunbath with a magnificent view of the green cliffs.

At nights, have a romantic dinner at the taverns viewing the moonlit sea. A few resorts are located n the hills around Kolimbari with nice views of the beach and the old fishing jetty. War memorial reminds you of the defensive location of the harbor in the natural inlet, which made it a reserve military area of the past. Kolimbari can be reached by the frequent buses or a car from Chania, at 24 km east or Kastelli on the west.